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  1. Well then I would suggest to go to the previous version drivers that worked properly. Use DDU to make sure nothing screwy is left behind.
  2. Try "Display Driver Uninstaller" it will prompt you into safemode where it will remove all your video drivers. Including leftover pieces from previous video cards if you had any. If it was amd and not nvidia have it check and clean those as well. Make sure you have fresh drivers waiting to install. Make sure to disconnect from the net so windows doesn't auto install a driver a couple versions old, then fresh install your drivers.
  3. Well I got my headphones today... but
  4. Not sure if mine is working but I have a 3600 Ryzen 5 and Gaming Plus 450 but with a 1050ti and I dunno how to find out if it's actually doing anything. The option to turn it on was in the bios.
  5. Mine has it, I worried through the entire 5m bios update fearing a power outage. sheeesh, hate updating bios for that reason. I just dunno if it's active on it's own or if I have to comb through my bios.
  6. Digging up my post for some more help. Instead of having it's own plug it has a 3.5mm port to plug stuff into. I would love to have a 3.5 to usb 2.0 cable to connect to my pc. Is that a viable thing? My amazon searches are coming up dry on such things, usually data transference stuff.
  7. Actually I read it's supposed to have 6g vram.
  8. It'll be in my price range. I currently run a 1050 Ti, so seeing the difference between the two is gonna be fun!
  9. Well DIY audio heaven helped me choose this one out of all of the options you gave me Guru. Thanks.
  10. Gaming, Music, Movies. I enjoy my sound. Edit: Most of the 598's are priced above my max. =(
  11. I pulled out my headphones and found age had done a number on them since I had last used them. When I went to look there were so many options but I'm not into headphones like I am in computers. So could some soundphiles give me some <100$ options? If it's under 50$ would be even easier on my lil wallet.
  12. I dunno about high cost options. Going high volume I usually get a stereo system and just plug it into the jack in back of the pc. You can find some nice stuff in used stores and then use some real $$ on the speakers to get the sound you want. If you just want something quick and cheap but with a nice sound, I run these. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DDK3W5D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Pity. A buildablock monitor setup would be nifty.
  14. People buy multiple monitors and set them side by side. Either running their own stuff or linked together. What if a Monitor maker designed the Monitor case with detachable sides. Allowing 2 monitors to link side by side or top to bottom without the bezel. Those Would Sell Out.