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  1. I got a score of 9827 with a clock of 3800mhz on the cpu, it also says 

    Validation warning

    Your score contained the following anomalies:

    • - Graphics driver is not approved

    Which i believe is because i'm on 445.78 which isnt in geforce experience, it was a hotfix from nvidia?


    edit : looking at the average score, it is 10425 with a 2700x and 2080 on time spy, is that 600 a big difference? do you think that could be because i'm running @ 3800mhz (barely overclocked, stock is 3700) and because of my ram etc?


    edit #2 : I realized after i used ddu a couple days ago i never optimized my control panel. i took the benchmark a second time with the new settings and i got a score of 10945 which is above average. gpu score of 11715 and cpu score of 7977. still the validation warning which still i believe to be the hotfix drivers i'm using.

  2. Just now, papajo said:

    You dont have to just donwload it from steam or google download 3D mark free and download it from guru3d or whichever site you like... its gonna be a trial version but it will suffice for your purpose.


    Our purpose being to see your graphics score and compare it with other scores that use same CPU and GPU to see if you have an issue (incase your score is lower) 

    Yeah after my response i found the one on guru3d, it'll be done in some hours but i'll get there lol, thanks

  3. 2 hours ago, papajo said:

    Its not a bottleneck you have a ryzen 2700X it wont bottleneck your 2080


    This guy runs pubg on ultra @1080p with a 2080 non super and a ryzen 2700x  and has like 100-160 FPS most of the time in game



    Well i do get similar frames to that guy, slightly lower but he has higher gpu usage than me and a higher overclock on the cpu.. other people have told me on a 1080ti they run ultra @1440p with like 160-200 fps which i think sounds a little too high but, thanks for that video :)

  4. 10 hours ago, pstarlord said:

    Sounds like a bottleneck to me.  


    What Refresh rate is your monitor?  If you're trying to run that GPU and CPU at 1080p, then my best guess would be the CPU is holding you back.  

    144hz. If it is a bottleneck thats a relief to me, i'll upgrade this christmas to something newer :)

  5. 4 hours ago, aDoomGuy said:

    Set Afterburner OSD to display CPU&GPU clockspeed/load/temp (for each core). See if any clockspeed is lower than it should be. See if CPU load is 100% while GPU load isn't. Just run around in game with OSD on and see what the PC does.


    3133mhz oc on the RAM is that XMP profile or manual. Is it the same behavior with stock settings?

    the temps are fine on all cores, clocks are stable however one or 2 cores go to higher usage than the gpu at around 60 or 70 while gpu is at 40 or 50 etc

    edit : also i dont believe i ever enabled xmp... i simply set it from 2133 stock to 3000 because thats its speed obv, do you think an xmp profile would make a difference? going to bios right now.

    edit 2 : x470f asus bios, didnt see any xmp profiles. assuming this is because of asus?

  6. 39 minutes ago, KenjiS9965 said:

    It sounds CPU limited.. I do know that Ryzen (As much as i love it) struggles with high refresh 1080p gaming in most cases


    You could upgrade your monitor, The good news is going to a high refresh 1440p display will likely have zero impact on your framerates, Can you make the render scaling in PUBG higher? like maybe 150% which would be close to a 1440p display to see if it has any effect on your FPS. This is basically just shifting from a CPU limited scenario to a more GPU limited one

    120 is as high as it goes, only really impacts my fps if im in all ultra along with 120

  7. 47 minutes ago, RadiatingLight said:

    Also couldn't hurt to DDU and reinstall:

    Most graphics card issues can be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling your GPU drivers. If you haven’t done this yet (or haven’t used Display Driver Uninstaller to remove drivers), I’d recommend using Display Driver Uninstaller, found here: https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html (download links at bottom of page) and I’d recommend using the “Clean and Restart” option.


    Once this is done, you can download new drivers by clicking on the links below and selecting your hardware.

    Nvidia: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx

    AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/support

    Already did multiple times :[ no luck there however the first time i did with wifi on, so it auto installed an older driver which i think increased performance a bit. I went back to latest though,

  8. 12 minutes ago, aDoomGuy said:

    Set Afterburner OSD to display CPU&GPU clockspeed/load/temp (for each core). See if any clockspeed is lower than it should be. See if CPU load is 100% while GPU load isn't. Just run around in game with OSD on and see what the PC does.


    3133mhz oc on the RAM is that XMP profile or manual. Is it the same behavior with stock settings?

    its manual oc to 3133... i'll look at the overlay with all the info soon... game is in maintenance till later tonight. i know the usage of just the cpu not the cores etc doesnt go above 50, hovers a bit below the gpu usgae, but i will look at all core clocks and usages soon too.

  9. 13 minutes ago, RadiatingLight said:

    What is your friend's CPU?

    AMD 1000 and 2000 series CPUs aren't that great for high-refresh-rate gaming, so while they'll churn out 60-100 FPS without any effort, they struggle to create a large number of frames due to latency and complex inter-core communication stuff.

    the good thing to know is that this is primarily a problem with creating a large number of frames, so in a more demanding game in the future, you should still expect about 130fps (or more, depending on the game). It's not a problem with the raw power of the CPU.

    One of my friends with the 2080 super has a i5 9600k i believe and its overclocked heavily.

  10. So i upgraded from an rx480 to a rtx 2080 a couple months back and after playing PUBG for awhile i had noticed that friends with 1060s and 1070s were getting the same and even higher frames than me.


    (All in 1080p) i average around 130 fps in fields near no buildings or people, and while dropping close to people in big cities i'll go down to 60-80. in ultra its the same situation excepts maybe 5-10 less frames. my Gpu usage is typically low at around 40-50 but goes up to 70-80 in ultra. my render scaling is all 100 and vsync isnt a problem here. comparing to a friend with a 2080 super, he doesnt typically drop below 170 averaging 200 on very low. i can't even reach those frames at any point in a game except before actually dropping in the waiting for players lobby. I'm pretty sure there's something wrong. 


     https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/25950918 <- my user benchmark.


    My temps appear normal. My cpu doesnt go above 60, stays around 47-55, and my gpu MSI Sea hawk rtx 2080 x runs around 47-55 aswell with a liquid cooler in which it comes with.


    CPU: R7 2700x @ either 3700mhz or 3950mhz

    GPU: RTX 2080 +100 core clock on afterburner + 700 memory clock

    MB: X470f

    RAM: c15 corsair vengeance 3000mhz oc to 3133mhz

    PSU: 750 pretty sure


    What i've tried...

    DDU - current version 445.78 and 445.75

    Uninstall geforce experience

    DDU - to older drivers 

    undo overclocks

    Originally gpu was installed to pcie 8x, switched to 16x didnt notice a difference

    tweaked settings on control panel, maximum performance high power plan etc


    ...Any ideas?