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  1. I got a score of 9827 with a clock of 3800mhz on the cpu, it also says Validation warning Your score contained the following anomalies: - Graphics driver is not approved Which i believe is because i'm on 445.78 which isnt in geforce experience, it was a hotfix from nvidia? edit : looking at the average score, it is 10425 with a 2700x and 2080 on time spy, is that 600 a big difference? do you think that could be because i'm running @ 3800mhz (barely overclocked, stock is 3700) and because of my ram etc? edit #2 : I rea
  2. Yeah after my response i found the one on guru3d, it'll be done in some hours but i'll get there lol, thanks
  3. i dont have 30$ to drop on it :[
  4. MSI sea hawk x rtx 2080, i dont have 3dmark
  5. Well i do get similar frames to that guy, slightly lower but he has higher gpu usage than me and a higher overclock on the cpu.. other people have told me on a 1080ti they run ultra @1440p with like 160-200 fps which i think sounds a little too high but, thanks for that video
  6. 144hz. If it is a bottleneck thats a relief to me, i'll upgrade this christmas to something newer
  7. the temps are fine on all cores, clocks are stable however one or 2 cores go to higher usage than the gpu at around 60 or 70 while gpu is at 40 or 50 etc edit : also i dont believe i ever enabled xmp... i simply set it from 2133 stock to 3000 because thats its speed obv, do you think an xmp profile would make a difference? going to bios right now. edit 2 : x470f asus bios, didnt see any xmp profiles. assuming this is because of asus?
  8. 120 is as high as it goes, only really impacts my fps if im in all ultra along with 120
  9. Already did multiple times :[ no luck there however the first time i did with wifi on, so it auto installed an older driver which i think increased performance a bit. I went back to latest though,
  10. its manual oc to 3133... i'll look at the overlay with all the info soon... game is in maintenance till later tonight. i know the usage of just the cpu not the cores etc doesnt go above 50, hovers a bit below the gpu usgae, but i will look at all core clocks and usages soon too.
  11. One of my friends with the 2080 super has a i5 9600k i believe and its overclocked heavily.
  12. So i upgraded from an rx480 to a rtx 2080 a couple months back and after playing PUBG for awhile i had noticed that friends with 1060s and 1070s were getting the same and even higher frames than me. (All in 1080p) i average around 130 fps in fields near no buildings or people, and while dropping close to people in big cities i'll go down to 60-80. in ultra its the same situation excepts maybe 5-10 less frames. my Gpu usage is typically low at around 40-50 but goes up to 70-80 in ultra. my render scaling is all 100 and vsync isnt a problem here. comparing to a friend with a 2080 sup