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  1. Great event! Lets keep on F@H as the battle against COVID is far from over!
  2. Hello all, this is a great event! Just stumbled on this now as I started when LTT posted its video on F@H against COVID-19. Last was active on the LTT forums Nov 2017, just came back to help on this pandemic. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US AND ITS AMAZING TO SEE A COMMUNITY COME TOGETHER LIKE THIS!
  3. I don't see AMD GPUs getting ahead of NVIDIA anytime soon, so with that I would go with a G-SYNC monitor that would last a couple upgrades down the road.
  4. The Korea/Japan PUBG server has so many TKers...

  5. How about underneath the Chromebook? There should be a more specific model number.
  6. You can find out by going to My Computer/This PC then right-click on any partition then select properties then go to the hardware tab. Once there, google the name of the drive.
  7. Okay so there are a lot of different variations of that model of Chromebook. So what you have is one that has a mechanical hard drive in it?
  8. Doesn't Chromebooks use SSDs? What is the exact model name of the Chromebook?
  9. Are you using HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort or DVI? Try to use a different interface.
  10. Next time try to do a "cold" boot with just 1 RAM stick.
  11. I'm assuming that if you do not try go into the BIOS, Windows would load and display successfully then. Do you have a 2nd display/monitor plugged in? If yes, make sure only 1 is plugged in and try again.
  12. So I see why you thought of the Mobo as the issue. Its a highly probable hypothesis but its somewhat difficult to troubleshoot the Mobo compared to the other parts. What about the questions I have raised from my previous post above? Wow so quick to blame a cheap PSU. Lets take this logically and systematically please.
  13. Did you make any changes to the BIOS? Maybe settings are not anymore saved, this happens when the CMOS battery is dead. If still no cigar, can we have your full system specs and maybe how old each part is? Thank you and hope we can work this out.
  14. Not OCed (for the CPU, RAM and/or GPU)?
  15. Its overrated. PC components today are more resilient to ESD and you don't build up so much (unless you rub your feet on a carpet, work near mechanical equipement, etc.) that can damage your parts. I personally do the touching of a plugged in PSU to discharge myself. I feel many get anti-static straps for peace of mind rather than functionality.