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  1. Audio is switched to the device I'm using (Realtek(R) Audio) and it still doesn't work. Any application be it windowed, borderless, fullscreen, exclusive fullscreen, and even recognised ones by Discord don't share with any sound.
  2. I know that. Sharing application doesn't help.
  3. I replaced my old intel platform with AMD. Before, when I was on the intel platform (Mobo was a Z170-P) I could scree share on Discord with sound. Now on the MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max trhe screen share gets no sound. It doesn't matter if the application is recognized by Discord, it still doesn't have sound. I have my drivers installed and Discord recognizes the audio devices and the driver name, and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling discord, using discord in the browser and uninstalling and updating my drivers. Currently using Nahimic 1.6.5, however in discord it is recognized as Realt
  4. You are literally creating a void in your case. turn some fans the other way around.
  5. Try uninstalling the drivers using DDU and install the newest drivers or some older drivers from before two months ago.
  6. Alright, I'll give it a go at 1.4V
  7. sure, I'll try. Any good programs for testing memory?
  8. The last part is actually news to me. I expected some consistency in their marketing. The part with binning I did know.
  9. It's automatically set by my motherboard. It has a feature where it presets frequencies, timings and voltages based on what the community recommends. I haven't looked at it but the 3600MHz kit is at 1.35V so I shouldn't go above that, right?
  10. alright. thank you for your advice
  11. I have a memory kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz C15 RAM, and it was bought before I moved to the Ryzen platform, however I heard that 3600MHz C16 was a sweetspot for the R5 3600. I went into the BIOS, turned off XMP and tweaked the frequency and timings, however even on 3600MHz 18 21 21 21 42 any game crashes after about 2 minutes. I know that certain Vengeance kits can get to 3600MHz through XMP and i figured mine can get to that through overclocking but I must be mistaken. What am I doing wrong? The motherboard supports it, it's an MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max.
  12. Wouldn't the 970 be better for windows in general? Like loading apps faster or generally things loading in smoother and stuttering less?