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  1. the PSU is an RM650x and I have Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz. The BIOS is the first BIOS the motherboard came with, I haven't updated it.
  2. Since I got an MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max and a Ryzen 5 3600, I've been getting GPU crashes once in a while. Restarting the computer doesn't help, neither does flipping the BIOS switch on the GPU (an AMD R9 390 PowerColor PCS+), the only thing that helps is clearing the CMOS battery. I have no changes done in the BIOS except having th XMP profile activated and turning all the fans at max speed. I don't know if it's power consumption as I can run very demanding games no problem. The games where I had the GPU crash were both CSGO and Valorant, however I do have 7 drives total in my computer, one o
  3. Pasgui9

    Windows 11

    I've been hearing a lot about Windows 11, and I am a bit confused. Will Windows 11 even exist? From what I heard, Windows 10 was meant to be the last version that they would just keep updating. Will Windows 11 just be an update or something sold separately?
  4. Oh, then I don't really have a use for it. Sorry.
  5. I think I'll try Manjaro and see how it runs.
  6. It's very Ubuntu-like, and it looks great. Would it run well? I have tried Ubuntu but it was still slow.
  7. It looks great but I still fear that the requirements may be too high. Would it run smoothly?
  8. Is Bodhi Linux a good distro? Seems very lightweight and it looks bearable.
  9. I've read about Tiny Core however I fear that I might be losing functionality with that OS.
  10. I have this Lenovo laptop that I use as my secondary device sometimes, however it is unbearably slow. It has 4GB RAM and a Pentium N3540 that just chugs along. I have tried Ubuntu, Windows 10 and 8.1, and even with a decent SSD in the place of its 5400RPM HDD it's still very slow. I only ever use it for YouTube and sometimes Discord. I could really use some recommendations for extremely lightweight OS's, but please, not something that looks terrible.
  11. Yes, I understand but that would be coming in August... I also have no access to eBay, Amazon or any other online stores that not are local in my country, however those stores have insane prices for these adapters.
  12. In my country they're stupidly expensive. Either online or from a store it's around 20 bucks for the most basic of adapters.
  13. Is there any app that allows me to connect my phone to my PC via a cable, and connect a Bluetooth controller to my phone so that I can use it on the PC wireless?
  14. Audio is switched to the device I'm using (Realtek(R) Audio) and it still doesn't work. Any application be it windowed, borderless, fullscreen, exclusive fullscreen, and even recognised ones by Discord don't share with any sound.