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  1. So I needed to test if a gpu worked as it wasn't working in the other pc. I plugged it in and turnt it on and there was no display. So I unplugged it and turnt on the PC to use like before (with the integrated graphics). Now the integrated graphics isn't working. Did my gpu just murder my pc?
  2. Alright so the Pc i have was working fine until a few days ago when for some reason the fans stopped working. We figured out that the fan hub had died so we swapped the fans and fanhub. But inbetween that time something weird has happened. The pc got stuck in a boot loop with no display from the gpu or the igpu. All that happens is the power light on the case and gpu turn on, and the fans turn on. I dont think it has any debug mode and also, i have tried resetting the cmos. Specs below Intel i5 3470 Asrock Z77 Pro3 Asus GTX 970 CWT 750w
  3. The closest thing I could find was the front panel connecter for the reset switch. This build is really sketch btw
  4. The rest of the PC works BTW, just the fans. But the fans are connected to this thing. Video below. Maybe something snapped there? VID_20210112_233739.mp4
  5. The fans aren't set to silent. The gpu one might be but that's not what I'm concerned about, it's mostly the chassis fans I'm scared of. Also I know it's not going to explode, that was a joke, but I think some of the hardware could be damaged if it continues
  6. Alright. My brother, who knows a little bit about pcs, but not enough to build one properly, installed a new HDD we got to increase storage. We also did a factory reset. Now, for some reason, even though it wasnt doing this before the factory reset, none of the fans or LEDs except from the stock cpu cooler power on. When I came into my brothers room and saw that the fans weren't off, I turnt it off and opened the sidepanel and was able to see that it was extremely hot 70+ idle temps and smelt like burning. It's now off by the plug. What caused this and how do I fix it? (I've attac
  7. Alirght, So I have a 1tb HDD with about 50GB left that for about 4 years I have been using as my main C drive, I tried plugging in a spare HDD I had and later figured out it was incompatible, So I swapped it out for a compatible 500gb HDD. Then the main one wouldnt boot windows, So I Changed the plugs and used the 500gb One for my main one instead. I also had to sign in as admin to access the files on the previously main one. Why is this happening and how can I just use it like before. By the way, right now the 1tb drive is E and the 500gb one is C. How do I swap them or force
  8. Im having a look on paypal now, Thanks for the suggestion
  9. I have. I'll look harder for the physical box, But i dont think that's gonna help as it doesn't say where I bought it from. I cant find a trace of where I bought it from anywhere. I know I bought a mobo bundle from Awd-it, But the Gpu was seperate.
  10. What should I do in my situation then instead? Should I just buy a new one?
  11. Yeah that's Fair, I still have the Gpu and the Serial code. Sorry If I seem out of touch, Im new to this stuff