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  1. Do ddr and lpddr have similar speed? Ie. DDR4 vs LPDDR5. As far I know lpddr supports upto 32 bit path, where a ddr dimm supports 64 bit path.. So according the information a ddr4-3200 is as fast as lpddr5-6400 when we can find a dimm with more speed like 3600 or 4400 and so on.. But I've seen in few good tech sites where the informations were given wrong about lpddr5 (they calculated in 8 byte wide data path) I'm bit confused.. Sorry about my broken English..
  2. After watching several benchmarks I'm considering to get 12 gigs of ram.. Even for 1650s, it was pairing well with different CPU from both AMD and Intel.. Price are kinda similar of rx 580 and gtx 1650s. But retailers aren't much friendly with consumers here in Bangladesh. They add price according to their will with an excuse of tax..
  3. I don't know if the currency of country would justify Dollar but the budget is around 600$ (without monitor or other accessories) according to the currency of my country. Which could be upto 100$ or 80£ less in USA or England.. And I'm considering to get new ryzen 3300x, gtx 1650 super, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd, 1tb hdd, a budget friendly b450 motherboard (micro atx), a budget friendly case, a budget friendly 500w +80 bronze psu and so on)
  4. I don't have any GPU yet. I would like to build a new setup (budget friendly). So I'm looking for best hardwares which may suitable to my budget..
  5. Which gpu you got? Edit: I see. Gtx 1660 super.. I'm planning to buy a 1650 super.. Will it be better than rx 580?
  6. You mean it'll be working on geforce 16 series gpu?
  7. Does a monitor with AMD free sync work on Nvidia GPU?
  8. If something went mistake like I had to submit same comment two times because at first time I didn't reply certain members..
  9. Thank you for your kind help I understand. This will be helpful. Thank you again
  10. There should delete option of post, comment or reply.
  11. If I just ask for basic services or adding new storage or some basic software works?
  12. Können wir im Posteingang sprechen, wenn Sie kein Problem haben?