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  1. Yes, this is true but losing the phone is not that unusual and if from this then comes a loss of all the money in the current account is not so negligible.
  2. This is true if for 2-factor authentication, but in common use biometric systems are used as an alternative access mechanism So if one method has a 50% chance of being compromised and the other has a 25% chance of being compromised, the probability of the system being compromised is equal to 1-(0.5*0.25) to 87.5%
  3. I do not know if you can make a questionnaire within the blog, would you recommend using biometric systems for access to sensitive data such as current smartphone account and computers?
  4. It definitely makes access very quick, but if you use it in combination of a 4-digit pin from a security point of view it's useless
  5. I agree that cascading them leads to a lot of security, but using them in parallel in my opinion diminishes it. Think in everyday use such as in Windows hello or in the unlocking of smartphones, biometric authentication is carried out in parallel.
  6. If you set a stronger password than an access with biometric data then the biometric data in if it does not increase security. A concrete example is in mobile applications, think of applications like PayPal or banking applications, if you skill access with fingerprints is equivalent to authenticating with the unlock code of the phone (I tested it on iOS)
  7. The problem is: Does having password access and biometric authentication improve security compared to having only the password as a sign-in mechanism? In my opinion, no because password attacks remain valid and attacks against biometric systems are added
  8. Do you think that using biometric data to access applications and operating systems increases security compared to just password access?
  9. I know it's a desktop computer inside a laptop case, but do you think it's the most powerful on the market? Can you find better? And especially what score would come on cinebench, considering it has the bios unlocked and then you could overclock it
  10. What do you think is the most powerful laptop on the market? I found a site https://eurocom.com/ec/modelsg(7)MobileSupercomputers Where you can buy a laptop that has the components of a tower computer: Cpu: I9-9900KF GPU: Dual gtx 2080 RAM: 128Gb DDR4 Unlocked bios 3 m2 ssd 2 stata ssd Display or 4K 60Hz or FHD 144Hz 2 LAN ethernet port 780W power supply Do you know if there is a more powerful laptop?