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Posts posted by AlfredYouwakim

  1. 10 hours ago, trevb0t said:

    The card should technically still output video without a cooler (at least I think.)

    But it might not hurt to reinstall that and make sure it's all working. Did you remove and apply new thermal paste?

    I would look at the PCIe contacts (the little fin that goes into the PCIe slot on the MOBO) and make sure they aren't dirty with thermal paste or something from the process.

    dirty thermal paste does that???

    because it was working and when i applied it this happend


  2. 9 hours ago, AlfredYouwakim said:

    but i had two computers..

    and the card was working fine but i uninstalled it and and reinstalled and this happend idk why


    i tried to put my 1080 stock cooler on the 1080 ti cause it sucked but it didnt work becuase there was something stuck on the 1080 ti so i didnt and when i re assembled this happend did i do something wrong with the assembling maybe should i re open it?


  3. 9 hours ago, trevb0t said:

    If the fans spin, the indicator isn't important. The GPU is getting power, and taking it.


    When you hook up the 1080, everything is working fine?


    If your monitor has the capability to use HDMI, Display Port, VGA, DVI etc cables, I would try connecting to the 1080Ti with a different kind of cable. Like if you typically use a DVI, borrow an HDMI from a TV device and try that connection. Sometimes single outputs can go bad on a GPU.

    i did all of that and still didnt work

    is it a sign that its dead :{?