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  1. ok the grahic card is with my expert friend when wakes up ima tell them that thank you for helping and i will update you if it works (hopefully it does fingerd crossed)
  2. dirty thermal paste does that??? because it was working and when i applied it this happend
  3. i tried to put my 1080 stock cooler on the 1080 ti cause it sucked but it didnt work becuase there was something stuck on the 1080 ti so i didnt and when i re assembled this happend did i do something wrong with the assembling maybe should i re open it?
  4. but i had two computers.. and the card was working fine but i uninstalled it and and reinstalled and this happend idk why
  5. Do the rgb light on the mouse and keyboard work while your graphic card is dead? im so fucking scared that its done i have a 1080 Ti which was working so god damn fine and all the sudden no display i tried my older GTX 1080 and worked the screen turned on and everything was fine but my GTX 1080 ti Won't
  6. Oh really! Is mine high end? and does it water cooling to be good at oc??
  7. Idk when i watch youtube and my motherboard get brought up they say it should be updated why?