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  1. No, I got into gaming relatively late in life, and didn't want to waste money on platforms that weren't that popular. I started playing persona 4 golden for the first time on the Steam port last year. Otherwise I'd be still crossing my fingers for Playstation backwards-combatibility or HD remakes.
  2. I know this isn't as impressive as we all hoped it would be... but for some who hasn't gotten a switch yet (i.e. me) it looks worth buying. Plus, with this not being a new generation like the PS5 was, i might be able to GET the darn thing before scalpers eat up the supply. Does anybody know where to find preorders?
  3. Okay, looks like it IS real under the name "Nintendo Switch (OLED model)" and it will be here October 8th. Not as big spec improvement as we heard, but maybe that means there won't be as much competition to preorder before they run out. On that note, does anybody know a website, notification, or other communication I can use to track down when preorders are available? I've heard horror stories about the PS5 debacle.
  4. I recently ran into the OnePlus Nord N200 5G. I don't think it has a headphone Jack but the RAM and Battery specs look better than most Samsung competitors... but with the price under $300 I feel like there's a catch. Does anybody know what it could be?
  5. Tge $500 price tag isn't a hard-and-fast rule, I just want it as a guidepoint so I don't get a $100 phone that dies on first contact with heat, but also don't spend $1,000 on features I don't need. Battery life and RAM (ability to handle multitasking) are the most important to me. Are RealMe and LG phones good for that?
  6. My Galaxy S8 is getting extremely slow (and the battery is dying again, I've had to replace it once already) so I want to start looking for a new one before it's unusable. I'm hoping for some suggestions. Must: 1. Be compatible with Sprint/Tmobile (I think that's a given but I don't know enough about networks) 2. The ability to open the back to replace the battery (it can be difficult, I have an ifixit toolkit) 3. A lot of RAM. 4. Expandable storage 5. Android 6. Durability Would like to have: 1. Extra long battery life 2. USB-C char
  7. I know the Nintendo Switch Pro is just a rumor based on leaks, but is something like it actually coming? I heard they were supposed to come out last Thursday, then last Friday... but now it looks like we won't hear anything about it until the end of E3 if at all. I don't have a Nintendo Switch right now and have been holding off on getting one until the Pro version comes out, but if it's not coming I'm going to feel really stupid.