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  1. well but siri is just smoother as far as i know. I can't use GA with my screen off, sometimes it doesn't open certain apps and the reminders don't work at all. Those things don't happen with siri, plus it also gives you a ton of customization with the shortcuts app.
  2. Well that's a steal, but i have my concerns with pre owened devices, because you don't know if or what parts have been replaced. Often such devices have a worse battery life than new ones.
  3. Not at all. I value the Interface, the camera, and the smoothness much more than the build quality. Those are my main reasons for switching.
  4. Good thinking! Are there any release dates or speculations given at the moment?
  5. When i sent it to the shop which i bought it from, they said, that there was an irreparable issue with one of the touch screen layers. That's all i know. But i mainly want to focus on the (dis)advantages of a new purchase in this Topic.
  6. They broke down due to a hardware failure, but i guess that could happen to any smartphone. I hope that iPhones last longer, if treated right. I have heard good things in terms of long lasting software support.
  7. Hey guys, i need your opinion to help me make a decision! So about 2 and a half years ago i bought a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. I already owned several Samsung phones before, but they all eventually broke down after a few years. However, recently a colleague awoke my interest in the iPhone Xs. He told me that he was extremely pleased with it, so i did a bit more research and i realized how well engineered it is. The whole interaction with the phone seems very smooth, thanks to the good processor and ios 13. I also was stoked by all the new siri functions (mainly the shortcuts app), because