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  1. Hello everyone, I've finally managed to snag a 3080, the TUF 3080 OC, and now I am trying to get the most of it. Those of you with this card or any other 3080, would you tell me what's the best way to go about it? Do you undervolt? do you pump the limits to max? What's the best way to get the most performance of a mid-range 3080?
  2. Ty for all the testing. I am glad to learn that the HDR works more or less in games. Looks like a good investment right now.
  3. That sounds good. I am regaining my faith in this new monitor. Bout to pull the trigger.
  4. So why would they sell a 10GB 3080 when MFS reserves 11GB
  5. How big part of the pie are people who make a CPU-only build?
  6. I emphasized the word REAL because the previous Gen4 nVme that came out were built with a modified Gen3 controller (Phison e16) hitting high temps and topping 5GBs speeds AT MOST. The ones that came out now are the first REAL Gen4 SSDs since they use brand new PciGen4 controllers built from scratch for next generation architecture, allowing speeds above 7GBs (Some say they go up to 7.4) and the temps are much more reasonable. They use the new Samsung Alpis, the Phison 18 or the new SM controller -- The first REAL Gen4 controllers (not that modified Gen3 Phison E16). Those older modified G
  7. Now is the best time to upgrade. Zen 3 comes out in a month. Ampere is already out (depending on whether you can find a card or not). AND THE BIGGEST UPDATE for Editing Stations: The first REAL PciGen4 drives have just hit the stores a week ago: Samsung 980PRO ADATA Newest Gammix Sabrent Rocket 4
  8. Thank you kindly, sir. Try as much as time allows you. I'd be glad to get your feedback.
  9. Well, I think we've learned all we can by testing AMD-certified games, only thing that remains is trying the HDR setting in a generic HDR game. One from the above list. Just ignore the games in that list that are also present in the AMD list.
  10. To be honest. For what it offers, such a monitor might still be a very good purchase. Not a lot of people have thousands of dollars to get a G-Sync Ultimate display. Ty for your effort and time testing all this for me. BTW, do you happen to own any of these kinds that ARE NOT on the Freesync Premium PRO list? Just one last thing to test remains, i.e. trying GENERIC HDR toggle in games that are not on the AMD list. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_games_that_support_high_dynamic_range_display_(HDR)
  11. Well, I suppose the added visual fidelity is mostly subjective? Unsure, since I've never had the chance to test HDR. Does B3 look "better" to you with HDR on? Better contrast, colors popping, that sort of thing. Odyssey, on the other hand, you are telling me has 2 buttons: Freesync 2 HDR and regular HDR? Does it look better when you click only the regular HDR button? Odyssey, I believe, is a specific case since it's an exclusive Freesync 2 HDR game (as listed on AMD's website), therefore it wouldn't work with NVIDIA.
  12. Same here but by the time I get a monitor, the 3080 will be in stock, but it's a lot of money, no? Better to make sure I purchase the right one. I have no money for the GSync Ultimate ones which are upwards of 2500 euro.
  13. Should prove beneficial for you as well, no? You own a fairly high-end monitor. You should really know that you're getting what you paid for.
  14. I do have Odyssey, and there's indeed a specific HDR toggle in game options. The thing is, these are expensive monitors, and prospective buyers should really have all the info needed before making a purchase. Google has surprisingly little to no info about the issue.