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  1. Informative
    FajardoX reacted to PineyCreek in CPU Temps at 90-95 Degrees Celcius   
    You have a liquid cooler...checked to see in BIOS what the power draw is or what it thinks the RPM is (pump speed interpreted as RPM) for the AIO pump?  My first guess with an AIO and temperatures spike is that your pump is dead, assuming the cold plate is properly placed on the CPU and TIM is good (which you've already checked).
    I highly doubt it's your PSU.
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    FajardoX reacted to boggy77 in Upgrade from i5 9400F   
    i'd get a i7-8700 with your current motherboard, that should be enough to max out the 5700xt.
    otherwise, any ryzen 2600, 3600, 2700, 3700, 5600 etc would max out the 5700xt.
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    FajardoX got a reaction from TVwazhere in Can't find any good Inverted Cases   
    Thanks for the suggestion! Thinking about getting this one as I'm on a budget.
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    FajardoX got a reaction from TVwazhere in Can't find any good Inverted Cases   
    I've decided to go with TVwazhere's suggestion of the Silverstone RL08 as it's in my price range and will be perfect for my micro ATX mobo. Thanks for asking these questions, really appreciated.
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    FajardoX reacted to TVwazhere in Can't find any good Inverted Cases   
    Silverstone RL08
  6. Funny
    FajardoX reacted to Statik in bent pins on cpu   
    A pair of tweezers, magnifying glass, and a copy of the Holy Bible.
  7. Funny
    FajardoX reacted to Mister Woof in Upgrading to 32GB RAM?   
    Can you see through your side panel?
    Do those two naked DIMMS make you angry?
    If so, fill em up for aesthetics.
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    FajardoX reacted to PingPongPingas in pc parts list, $1500 budget Aud   
    Hi I’m new to PCs and would like a good pc part list for a $1500 budget Aud.
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    FajardoX reacted to MyName13 in I3 9100f or ryzen 5 1600   
    Maybe wait for ryzen 3300x?Why not get ryzen 3600 or i5 9400f?
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    FajardoX reacted to NZgamer in Which CPU should I get? i5 9400f or R5 2600   
    Down here in NZ the used market is pure crap which is why we all have to buy new
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    FajardoX reacted to LogicalDrm in No display after removing and re-attaching side panel.   
    Clear CMOS. Its possible that cable knocked some rocker switch on motherboard, disconnected SATA cable while BIOS was getting power and other stuff like that. Windows bootloader is bit aggressive when it comes to order of SATA cables for example. Changing the order can mess up things badly.
    -> Moved to Troubleshooting
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    FajardoX reacted to pstarlord in Using gpu through the motherboard output.   
    If you're using a video output from your motherboard, then you are not using your GPU at all.  
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    FajardoX reacted to Doobeedoo in Should I Get A 144 HZ Monitor?   
    For sure, big improvement and they're very cheap now. No reason not to for a new monitor.
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    FajardoX reacted to SteezyX in Slow Internet   
    Well usually I get good ping like below 25 constant but I think its because of COVID-19 the only reason it is annoying is because my mates are having good ping and they have same ISP as me.
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    FajardoX reacted to Andiq in Slow Internet   
    Im guessing its because of covid-19 people stay home all day and like to stream netflix. Im guessing that the cable that is going to the internet splitter that supplys your area is overloaded whenever too much people stream / download stuff.
    Edit: Your ISP is probably overselling the connection.
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    FajardoX reacted to Andiq in Should I Get A 144 HZ Monitor?   
    To be honest when i upgraded from a 1080p 60hz monitor to a 1440p 144hz monitor it was really noticeable, BUT if you are thinking about buying a 144hz monitor i wouldnt just base it on games you could play with 144hz. Everything will feel just a bit more reponsive and snappier be it dragging windows on your desktop. One thing to consider is what you would like to do in the future, for example when will you upgrade your pc next? Also i find that i got a tad better in csgo with a higher refreshrate but that could very well be coincidence as i am not that good anyway.

    To sum it up if you dont plan on upgrading your pc in the next year i would consider getting a new (im guessing you currently have a 1080p display) 144hz display if not i would wait till you have more powerful specs and consider getting a 1440p 144hz version.
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    FajardoX reacted to vong in Should I Get A 144 HZ Monitor?   
    I say go for it, you will have a better experience regardless if the game is old or repetitive.
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    FajardoX reacted to SteezyX in Should I Get A 144 HZ Monitor?   
    Hey currently I own a 60 hz monitor and I was wondering if I should get a 144 hz?
    My Current PC Specs are:
    - Intel Core i5 8500
    - ASUS TUF B360 Pro Gaming Motherboard
    - Team T-Force Dark 3000MHz 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Red Black
    - ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Gaming OC Edition 4GB
    - Kingston SSDNow A400 120GB SSD
    - Seagate Barracuda 1TB ST1000DM010
    - be quiet! Pure Power 10 600W Power Supply
    I currently only play a few games like CSGO, Fortnite and Modern Warfare and on most of these games I get more than 144 frames except for Modern Warfare. I am currently unsure because there is not a game that is entirely good to persuade me to buy it as csgo and fortnite is kinda old but mw is not that fun as it gets repetitive.  Anyone have any suggestions? Should I buy it? Should I wait for a new game to come out that is really good? Or should I just not buy one at all? 
  19. Informative
    FajardoX reacted to Falkentyne in Is 32GB Overkill?   
    32 GB is NOT overkill but at this point in time, I would not suggest a 16 GB system for a brand new system, unless there are still RAM slots available to upgrade to 32 later.  There are already games that recommend 16 GB (F1 2019 for one), and you should always exceed the recommended specs.  While that's still fine for games, if you're one of those guys who like having other programs open while gaming on modern games, you're going to start getting issues.  If you're on a tight budget, then barely squeezing by with a value line system may be what you need to do, but if you have the budget, you should always have some slack left.   I still remember when everyone went around saying how more than 8 GB RAM was a waste, when people who ignored them and went with 16 GB years ago are still sitting pretty.  
    This is also important to note for 2 dimm motherboards, where if you buy 2x8 GB, if you ever wanted more RAM, you would have to get rid of it and go 2x16 instead of just adding 2 more sticks later.
    And always go dual channel.  Single channel hurts your min fps and performance too much.
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    FajardoX reacted to Falkentyne in 32gb 3200mhz ram. Should I get 4x8gb or 2x16gb?   
    It's always wise to have more RAM than you actually need (to a point, of course), for the same reason you should have more storage than you actually need.
    I never want to experience the days again where you'd have to delete games every time you install a new one, or have to wait 2 minutes for a level to swap off the HDD.
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    FajardoX reacted to BruceWayneofLosSanto in Is 32GB Overkill?   
    I think it will help a bit considering you're a heavy gamer.  It will store more game data in ram so you wont need to stream it from disk as much while you're playing
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    FajardoX reacted to Mick Naughty in Is 32GB Overkill?   
    Buy another one and see. It’s cheap and worth the effort. Worse case scenario you make the system look better. 
  23. Informative
    FajardoX reacted to Sophia_Borjia in Is 32GB Overkill?   
    In OP's case F1 might d be running off HDD and GPU would have 1/2 recommended vram.  Other things would probably be issue  before 32gb were needed, and dimm slot would be open.  Same time to buy argument for ram applies to ssd, same factors affect prices of both.
    2nd ssd might be better idea before 2nd dim, unless games OP actually wants to play would benefit.
    FPS gain when way above refresh rate vs games on hdd instead of ssd. 
    I think the second would be noticeable and 1rst only show in benchmarks or in super competitive cases, about half millisecond shaved of reaction times in fortnight.
    Other games could be different, going from 56 to 62 is much more noticeable then 200 vs 220.
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    FajardoX reacted to Stockholmes in Is 32GB Overkill?   
    Always dual channel, always!
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    FajardoX reacted to Mister Woof in Is 32GB Overkill?   
    Intel generally benefits greatly from dual channel memory. I'd get it if I were you.