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  1. I'm not getting into the specifics of the case, you will understand when you look it up. there are plenty of youtube vids on it.
  2. The short story. Romeo Lacoste Sued Keemstar for 3.5 million dollars and lost. The tortious interference case was dismissed with prejudice (cant be refiled) this was not a defamation case. (im not getting into any more of the specifics of the case) Keemstar won lawyer fees of $150,000 USD, The parties came to an understanding that Lacoste would give his 1 MILLION SUB play button to KEEMSTAR to resolve the suit. it is unknown if that was the only concession. Are play buttons like trophies now. do they get traded around after a lawsuit put them on twitter t
  3. This is me being a bit angry and blowing off some steam but here it is: It looks to me that NEWEGG.com is allowing scalpers to sell brand new Ryzen 7 5800x chips (from china) at a massively inflated price on their site. this is the US site so it is not a wrong currency and you can see the newegg listing in the lower right as "sold out" - is there an explanation for this other than people being A..Hats. At the end of the day.. a real crappy customer experience and dangerous. My wife almost bough this knowing I was looking for it and she "found it in stock on a trusted si
  4. Weird question popped into my head. is there a perceptible difference in performance between 2 pc's with same specs. One has 4, 8 gb sticks of ram. (4x8) The other 2, 16 gb sticks of ram.(2x16) Both dual channel. has there been tests to show this? future expansion is one argument but not the question I'm looking to have answered. thoughts? videos? benchmarks?
  5. WHOA... we went full boomer talk fast --- back this topic up! When can we see Linus, Luke, Denis, and the rest of the gang kill, lie, and argue their way to victory.
  6. Ok who would love to see 10 player server of LMG/Foatplane employees go at it on Channel super fun. Perfect for social distancing. Among Us is a hidden role game where crewmates need to complete tasks, discover the imposters identity, fix the sabotaged equipment, all while trying to avoid being killed themselves. (As if you all did not already know that) I just know I would love to watch the staff manipulate eachother to win the game. What do you all think.
  7. The hell I can't! I absolutely blame Nvidia for their poor site design/ bot mitigation/ policy. Its bad business. They would have sold the cards either way but now if their customers want one its double the price. That is shity customer experience.
  8. Summary plain and simple it looks like bots snagged up all the 3080 cards. reports of all the sites sold out in under 15 seconds.New egg crashed b/c of the traffic load. Twitter is a wash with anger towards Nvidia for allowing bots to claim the market. a plethora of memes have stormed reddit and twitter. Quotes There are very few articles out right now. but as I said twitter is flooded with unhappy people that hit refresh and went from notify me to sold out. My thoughts Nvidia, and every retailer for that matter, need to step up th
  9. AH HA!! I was right! 3 months early. https://www.lttstore.com/products/big-one
  10. That is not it! - The body is wider than the cap - that cap has a sports cap on it (to sip out of) - and there are 4 DIMM slots the old bottle only had 2 -- https://youtu.be/tF28TY2qZww?t=2844 -- second time stamp on wan show better view.
  11. Are we not gonna talk about wan show? I have not seen anything on this and if it was shown off before I must not have been paying that much attention to the other videos. I believe Linus is drinking from a new Water Bottle design and I want in! He drinks from in 2 or 3 times during the show but here is 1 instance 1:19:35 into the show Great show as always guys keep up the good work!