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  1. We did, long term behavior of bitcoin I think won't be settled until after the next one i.e. is the trend we are seeing now the same as the last halving or is it going to be indicative of a shift to late stage BTC behavior. The big question will be if we are in a bubble that will bust or a market that will settle.
  2. You are linking the shift to POS from POW as a rationale for a crash, however that is a hypothesis that doesn't really hold water, or at least you haven't made an argument for it. That shift is from a pure fundamentals basis makes it more valuable not less as that change along with other elements results in better performance at the core function of Eth, which isn't actually the same as BTC. The reason Ethereum is valuable really has nothing to do with the fact you can mine it, it started off that way as a draw to get people into the network, but they don't need it and have largely given up on
  3. I just grabbed a APC Backup 850W, on the basis that while not enough to run the system at load (3900x and a 3090), it's plenty for it under low to moderate load and just accepted that as that's likely where I'll need it. It also had more sockets, which was actually more important as it let me keep my NAS and all the associated components plugged in. To be honest though the actual benefit for me is in cleaning up the power and surge protection, I'm not that worried about data loss from power cuts rather than surges causing damage. One benefit I wasn't expecting at all a
  4. Sure, but fiat doesn't do smart contractors or a bunch of other stuff? If you mine the gas is not much of a hassle since it's part and parcel of your profits i.e. you make your eth of gas. There's also mitigations for that coming as it has gotten higher and alternatives to eth where it is less of an issue. Although it does buy you security. You also wouldn't have made money on fiat, and that much Eth in defi could literally have doubled its value or more! At the moment the defi space is absolute money printing, it won't last, but if I had that much appetite for risk or had already
  5. Dark doesn't mean bad, there are a lot of good things about crypto that would really make a difference to elevating people out of poverty. There is a whole racket that is totally legal around fleecing hard working migrants as they send money back to support their families. It is a total headache, but I think all it really does is expose the shadiness that goes around everywhere, do you think criminals aren't doing all those things without crypto? Like anything it's just another avenue that brings good and bad. I do think ASIC resistant and proof of stake is a good way
  6. Well you can always stop any miner any time without any real penalty, you just close the miner! Ethermine is larger and more reputable, it's a more traditional eth mining pool, nicehash as mentioned in this post is a tad shady, it's founders also a convicted criminal(don't mind it but having a hacker in the mix isn't great). Overall I would always prefer when given a choice a more reputable set of diverse solutions than a single potentially disreputable source. Son of a Tech or VoskCoin on youtube are worth a watch if you want more info. Just keep both of them going I
  7. You don't need to use Nicehash or Phoenix, Ethermine (or others) as the pool with T-rex or lolminer would work. There are also other coins profitable, cortex is ok at the moment for example.
  8. Sure it could have been filmed then and by the date reference in it we know it definitely was, however it was posted today and surely good practice when you delay your videos this much is to do a final look to see if your sponsor that is historically a little shady hasn't done something wrong in the meantime. They also like I said could have hedged their bets with a more neutral piece, even after the hack if you lurk the crypto community nicehash has a bad reputation for things after the hack.
  9. It's always possible that companies can lie, however there are a lot of developers going online and calling out Kotaku on this. Absolutely as a big company one team through one manager or lack of one could have heard a wrong or distorted message, in a crisis we all now understand how bad communication can get. However we can also see even from the Kotaku article the end result was the same for everyone i.e. nobody lost any PTO and they got supported where they needed it. In the context of it being a pretty blatant attack piece the CIG comment looks off, however in the context of i
  10. Have to say the nicehash thing really put me off after the recent bad behavior by the company around Phoenix Miner(see developers response on bitcoin forum). It was shady in the extreme and clearly not only an attack on developers that rightly and reasonably wanted to preserve their anonymity, but the users of their own site. Quite a few people reformatted their systems off the back of baseless claims that Phoenix miner had been compromised and they still haven't retracted the post and went and banned people criticizing them on Reddit, that isn't reputable behavior. I g
  11. A neater analogy is that the work being done is like someone writing a textbook and then people going off and using that knowledge. They may then profit from it, but so can everyone else. What you are discussing is largely a political issue locally, but all that same the data is public so any other company anywhere else in the world can then go on and create treatments etc that are then obviously available anywhere.
  12. Wouldn't doing Nottingham, would do Bath as it is a lovely place to spend 3 years and one of the nicest places in the UK. Bath University though is in the unenviable position of being exclusive, but not really for the merits of its academic reputation like Oxbridges and Edinburgh are. As a Newcastle Alumn myself I can fully recommend it,albeit I was on the Civil Engineering side so limited contact with the sparkies and faireys(British military slang for Electrical and Electronics). My time at Newcastle was some of the best of my life, I loved the University and the city is a fantas
  13. In terms of area it isn't so much night life, just general quality of life that matters, students will be students anywhere. The best time I had at University was a post grad in Newcastle where the cost of living allowed a significantly more comfortable lifestyle. Warwick is pretty good though, as I said more boutique which can be good as it offers something more bespoke and it's strong on technical subjects especially. Acceptance criteria is a toughy, the better the University the unfortunately more exclusive they are in what they accept. The Oxbridges, Edinburgh, Durh
  14. Of your list Surrey is the only one I wouldn't go to, Redding does have a good Electrical/Electronics department though from feedback from a colleague on my Doctoral programme(at least they did a few years ago) if that particular area is important. The Scottish Universities are also pretty good, Edinburgh has an Electronics and Comp Sci programme and a great Physics programme, Glasgow does the same for both programmes although not as good at Physics. Warwick is a pretty good technical uni, it's more in the boutique category than some of the others and is a bit remote(ed
  15. For UK universities undergrad is very flexible and you will be able to steer your degree in later years in a specific direction. For more technical areas like electronics design that is more post grad level of specialisation. Another aspect of UK universities that many people will tell you doesn't matter, but absolutely does is where you go matters. There are a lot of Universities in the UK, but there are two categories of picking a good one: 1. A University that is so good it barely matters what you do and even a mediocre degree will take you a long way. 2. A University