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  1. 17 minutes ago, HavocYTOfficial said:

    What motherboard are you using? ARGB headers do not work on the Corsair Commanders or Lighting Nodes. If you have an ASUS motherboard the header looks like a jRAINBOW header but it is written as ADD.

    I have an MSI H310M PRO-VDH Plus.


  2. So I just got a new case with aRGB, however my motherboard doesn’t have a jRAINBOW header or jRGB for that matter.

    Is there any sort of jUSB1 adapter to jRAINBOW out there? As manually pressing the case button just to turn on my case lights is a hassle.

    Also I have Corsair Vengeance Pro aRGB Ram. Which I was told can sync up with my case lights too.

    So right now it’s a bit of a mess 😂

  3. Erm so I recently moved and in the shipping process, my PC was damaged.


    It was a prebuilt £400 system (500USD/700CAD), wasn’t the best of the best but it did its job for about 2 years.

    Ive slowly been adding to the system progressively upgrading it to the point where it’s practically a brand new system.


    I now have an i7-9700, GTX 1070 and 32GB of ram on an M-ATX Motherboard with a 650W PSU.


    Back to the move ^
    The case was empty during shipping as I kinda felt this would happen. It was just a crappy Chinese brand case with 3x 120mm fans in the front 2x120 in the top and 1x 120 in the back. The airflow was consistent but it could get really loud.

    Along with the outer case being damaged and the standoffs for the tempered glass panel being snapped or bent, 4/6 of the fans are cracked and/or are missing blades.


    Could anyone recommend me an M-ATX case or Mid Tower case with at least 3 included fans, great airflow and decently priced (Im broke lol).

    One that really butters my buns is the NZXT H510 Elite. It’s so clean but tbh I cant really afford it..


    Sorry for rambling on.

    Thank you for reading this