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    UNIVERSAL.IT reacted to Alienware 15 R2 in GTX 970 running hot   
    Alright this is the solution,
    Keep your fans spinning at 100% if you want the temperatures to go down instead of up,
    Normal temperatures for the GTX 970 Blower Model are 75 to 80 degrees Celsius. Max Temperature is 98 degrees Celsius.
    if the GPU reaches that temperature then crank the fan up to the max and turn off your Monitor.
    wait 5 minutes then get back on the computer.
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    UNIVERSAL.IT got a reaction from Alienware 15 R2 in Z9PE-D16-10G/DUAL won't turn on   
    First thing you should check the voltage coming from the PSU unit to see if it's sending the correct current.
    Have you added each component wattage usage against The PSU you have. I recommend to use up to 80% capacity.
    I would recommend that you try each RAM stick Individually one at time, then try reseating the GPU and replacing if possible to see if that is the issue 
    After that I recommend to test out each part individually like the psu. Last resort would to test out the mother board.
    Try this site
    Or you can research the parts you have to see how much wattage you are using for each.