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  1. It's a noble project. Think I'll give them what they need, not what I want. A lot of things don't affect me personally. At least yet...
  2. *blows his party horn and puts on a fez* We must have cured all the diseases... 'cause F@H doesn't seem to need me at all these last few days.
  3. I realized there WAS an event two hours into it and never got to play... just cooking my box 'cause I'm a lovely man.
  4. I turned my CPU off (they don't seem to come close to pumping out the power of a GPU anyway) because it was getting close to 100c... the GPUs are running perlously close to 90c at times. This project definitely takes a toll. On the bright side, going all out I'm using around half a kW per hour... so... that sucks.
  5. The project has... what... almost 3 million donors? If we wildly assume half of people have a computer (3.5 billion)... than this project has ~0.005% of Earth's computers. Even assuming people have multiple computers... that's a way more silly number than 400 billion points a day. Gotta be at LEAST... 420.
  6. Appreciated... I was only being silly though, not meaning to be a jerk or make you uncofomfortable. Hey, sat upright for the first time in months yesterday... woot!
  7. I am bedridden... I see it more like... not that... at all. The example made me tired.
  8. It's crazy competitive at that level. Be lucky not to lose spots, let alone pull ahead. Gotta be a time when you hit your hardware peak.