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  1. Cpu: pentium e6500 to be replaced with Q9550 Mb: Gigabyte GA-EP43T-USB3 Ram: 8gb ddr3
  2. As the title says. Will the DeepCool da500 be enough for the r9 270x 4gb
  3. Thank you so much for the information and suggestions. I'm sorry for wasting your time with so many choices
  4. This is the corsair cx one. There is a vs650 one with model number 75-001837
  5. And could i buy the r9 280x instead of the r9 270x with one of these psus
  6. Or corsair cx750 model: rps 0056, or vs 650 model75-001837
  7. The DeepCool model is mpw-5002-acabw
  8. What about DeepCool de600 v2 or coolermaster mwe 500w
  9. https://www.jarcomputers.com and speedcomputers.biz
  10. R9 270x 4gb and pentium e6500 soon to be changed to Q9550. 8 gb ram and 500gb hdd
  11. About 50 euros and im from Bulgaria.
  12. What about one of these : SeaSonic S12III 550W Bronze SSR-550GB3 DeepCool PSU 550W DN550 80+ Cougar VTE 500 500W 80 Plus Bronze Fsp raider silver 80 + ppa 5502302
  13. Is this KOLINK-PS-600-C a good psu for r9 280x and pentium e6500 soon to be changed to Q9550. With 8gb ram and 500gb hdd
  14. Is this good because i cant find it in the psu tear list at least this model fsp raider ppa5502302
  15. Or should I get the corsair vs650 will it be overkill for the r9 280x and later the Q9550