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  1. In a way, I kinda expected that it would be more complicated than I thought. I imagine the best way to "easily" achieve what I want would be to have two drives with Win10 on one and linux on the other, then choose which one to boot from the BIOS or to just have two separate PCs? This is nowhere near ideal, as my reason for wanting to switch is because Windows network drivers refuses to cooperate half of the time. Do you ever think Wine will approach anything close to 100% compatibility?
  2. I have been wanting to switch to Linux for a while now, but compatibility issues has been keeping me from doing so. Most of my games (as one expects) are Windows-exclusive and while I am well aware of Wine, it's success rate is all over the place from what I've heard. I know this will make me seem a bit picky and arrogant but with how stingy I am with my money, any compatibility layer with less than a 100% success rate is unacceptable. The linux distro I think I've decided on is Manjaro. My ideal setup would be to have the linux distro be my main OS and to use a Win10 virtual mach
  3. That one also looks pretty damn good. I do have one question, however. I apologize if this is stupid, but is that is a Freesync monitor, right. It says that it is Freesync Premium compatible, but does that also mean that it is compatible with normal Freesync? Basically does my GPU need to support Premium in order to make use of even basic frame synchronization, cause my GPU is 2 years old, bought before Freesync Premium existed. Again, sorry if that is a really stupid and obvious question. I'm just not familiar with it. I ask because I don't like V-Sync and the input lag it brings
  4. That one does look good. However, I looked on LG's website and the specs for it show a 5ms GTG response time and 1 for MBR. About how much does response time (what I've heard to be rather meaningless bullcrap) affect things?
  5. I've been searching for a second monitor for a few months now, but not much has been impressing me. The ASUS VG259QM and the VG279QM looked good, but their significantly higher input lag (as reported by rtings in their review of it) at 60hz renders them out of the question. This is because I have no interest (or capability) to run at anywhere near 280hz. My current monitor is an AOC G2460VQ6 (link to pcpartpicker page below). It's 2 years old and has a dead pixel, but I'm not looking to replace it. Instead, I'm looking to relegate it to being my secondary monitor. I've read the sticky an
  6. It's a screencap, so you aren't going to see the dead pixel itself and I don't have a phone to take a picture with. In this screencap, it is in the middle of the white "Notify me of replies" circle. My mistake for making the circle dark blue.
  7. Attached is a screen capture, where the dead pixel is on my screen in inside the circle. Perhaps you are misunderstanding why I am looking for a second monitor. The dead pixel, while annoying on the times when I notice it, is not the main reason. I can live with it if I were to relegate this monitor as my secondary one. The main reason is because I want to make use of the multitasking benefits of having two monitors. Maybe it was how I worded my OP.
  8. The dead pixel is closer to the lower left corner. It's not too big of a bother.
  9. I'm looking for a second monitor, so that I can multitask more effectively and so I can look at a walkthough for some of my more cryptic games without Alt-Tabbing. But I can't seem to decide which one. I attribute this to me not knowing what exactly I want. What I do know is the following: My budget is ~$300 US, but I'd like to stay at around $250 or less, if possible. I'm a hardcore gamer, but I am not competitive. I do like smoothness, though, but if I am getting a monitor with a refresh rate above 60hz, then I want it to be able to "scale down" to 60, to mainta
  10. I have an Radeon RX 580. I've heard that AMD's drivers are preferred among the community due to them being open source. Because of this, I assume that things will be smoother on average? I'll add Manjaro and ProtonDB to my list.
  11. So, Ubuntu, Mint, PopOS and perhaps Lutris. Alright, I'll try experimenting with those. Also, I found out what was causing my Wi-Fi to drop. Something installed some device drivers called "WAN Miniport." These drivers were using up resources usually allocated to my Wi-Fi adapter. Disabling them fixed it. I don't know of anything I plugged in that could of installed those and my problem only started after installing the 2004 update. So thank you Windows 10, for installing shit I don't need, that actively harms the user experience, without my permission!
  12. Windows 10 has, generally speaking, been very nice to me. But when it screws up, it screws up hard. The latest screw-up I've had to deal with is Windows deciding not to recognize any Wi-Fi networks after the latest update even after rolling back. The only reason I'm able to make this post is because Windows, in all of its "divine wisdom and glory", has decided to give me back my internet access for some reason only Bill Gates knows. I'm sick of this crap, which is why I am considering moving to Linux. So my main question is: What distro of Linux is the best for gaming?
  13. Thank you. Ideally, I would be modding a PS Vita instead, as they are a lot more useful, but I can't exactly afford to get one with how pricey they can be. And buying one used doesn't guarantee full functionality. I get the feeling that my PSP is on its last legs. I bought it used a few years ago, but my careless treatment of it has rendered its screen scratched up (nothing major, just a whole bunch of small scratches) and the paint on the back is starting to fall off. I was a 3DS boy. That console has a lot of quality titles, like SMT4, Bravely Default an
  14. I was thinking about modding my PSP, but I've come across a bit of a problem. My PSP cannot connect to the internet, meaning that the only way to get anything from my computer to the console is via its Memory Stick. But, I don't have anything that will allow me to do that. The memory stick I'm using with my PSP (version 3000, btw) is what I think is a 8GB M2 Duo in an adapter compatible with the PSP 3000. My plan is to get an adapter to connect the stick to my computer with, dump it's contents, replace it with a micro SD Card in a Memory Stick adapter and use that for all of my CF
  15. I remember recently hearing in an LMG Clips video a mention of keeping hard drives from spinning to increase their longevity. If I am remembering correctly, how does one do this? I have a 4TB storage drive that I leave unplugged when not in use to increase its lifetime, but it's a pain to open my case and plug it in every time I want to retrieve something, then unplug it after. I would rather cut out the middle man and just keep it completely idle when not reading/writing. I think the video was the one when Linus and Yvonne were talking about hard drives and there was something abo
  16. I've read that noise is a problem on the G14, with it getting loud even when idling. Is that a problem on the Blade 15 Adv, and how much of a problem is it on the G14? I think I've narrowed down my choice to these two, and noise can bother me if it's too much.
  17. Alright, so I've narrowed it down to a Dell XPS 15, a Razer Blade Stealth 13 and a Razer Blade 15 (link below to a comparison txt file). I'm willing to spend about $100-$300 of my own money on top of the voucher to pay for this. My question now becomes, which one of these 3 is better/the better value for their price. Or is there another one that's better and around the same price as these? In case you are wondering why I am even considering a GTX 2060 in a laptop for school use, I'm not sure if I'll need to use something like CAD for some of my classes. That, and becau
  18. I recently got a $1,500 voucher from my parents for my high school graduation. This voucher is to be used to buy a new laptop to take to college. So, I'm looking for the best laptop that both meets my needs and is $1,500 or less. Note that this money cannot be used for anything else. In case it helps inform your suggestions, I am planning on majoring in Computer or Electrical Engineering and possibly minoring in something software related. I may be willing to pay a bit more than the $1,500 if a good one is slightly over the limit. My Needs: High reliability. Longevity. (I
  19. I'm from Kansas while my friend lives in Utah, near Salt Lake City. He doesn't really care where he gets it from, as long as the seller is reputable. As for specific stores, whichever gets the best deal. He wants it new. He says a 15.6" display is fine, so bigger would be preferred, but optional. No preference on weight. Longer battery life is preferred, but he says he'll carry the cord everywhere. His parents have not yet set a deadline for his decision, so I'm not sure if he can wait a month or two.
  20. My friend's parents are offering him $1000 towards a laptop as a graduation present. He would like it to be able to use it for gaming, but nothing too modern or intensive; he's fine with Low to Medium graphics on anything modern. Examples of what he plays are MW2, Warframe, Deceit, Portals 1 & 2, as well as Sven Co-op and Dead by Daylight. He's also played some GTA 5. I have some knowledge about good desktop stuff, but I know little about good laptop stuff. So, I'd like some guidance, pointers, or recommendations as to what to recommend to him. Requirements: Less than $100