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  1. Hi i have a server with 3 sas hard drive in raid 1, I want to switch to 3 ssd’s in raid 1 but I need to use the old operating system and all the files, is there a professional software that permit to clone the sas raid to an hard drive and then restore all the files and the operating system in the new ssd’s array? thank you
  2. thank you, that was the issue
  3. i know, that was only for faster writing and privacy in the record i have written the complete domain
  4. hi i start with saying that i'm not expert in this kind of things. i would set up a SRV record in my domain DNS setting but it keep saying that the zone is not correct and can't be saved, here's what i wrote: _minecraft._tcp.rgl...it. 900 IN SRV 0 5 25565 minecraft.rg...it. i'm also going to attach a photo if can help
  5. ok thank you. Connectify is not so important for me so i think i will unistall it from my server and put it on another pc that i don't care about thank you again and have a good day. bye
  6. Connectify act like a Router/Hotspot so NAT (without the possibility to port forward) and also does link aggregation. my theory is that Connectify act as a firewall also in the pc where it is installed.
  7. no maybe I said that badly however i have 2 servers with windows server 2019 and i need port 22 on one of those, but the server that i need have also Connectify installed (maybe that is not important but i tell you) if i forward port 22 to the server with connectify i can't reach it from outside the network, if i forward the port to the other server which do NOT have connectify installed i can reach it from outside the network. i have also VNC installed on both and the same issue appear again (obviusly i use different ports for VNC and when i switch pc for testing port 22 i remove t
  8. I’ll try but on other pc on the same LAN I can use port 22 so I don’t think that is neither my ISP or my router
  9. I have tried with RDP, but don’t work either
  10. Yeah, absolutely, for testing purposes I have even disabled windows firewall.
  11. hi i have a server with windows server 2019 and connectify Hotspot/Dispatch PRO installed, my problem is that even if i disable the windows firewall i can remotly access the server only via LAN, if i forward a port like 22 (which is the one that i need), from external network it is not reachable, i think that the problem may be Connectify Driver but i'm not sure. Some advice? PS i have other servers that uses ports too, i have tested port 221 on another and it worked so i'm sure the problem is the Computer that i have described before
  12. Thank for your help and your time have a great day bye
  13. Now I receive an error while trying to port forward from original ip it is not specific the error is:” error code 1, reload the page or contact assistance”. at this point I think I’m gonna reinstall windows server as it is a fresh install and retry, maybe is windows that have problems
  14. Even with the server plugged into the router I can’t access it using VNC or port 25565, but now I can ping it with another pc yes I can access it using internal ip and port via VNC
  15. Yeah the firewall is still disable, i try to connect directly and update you