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    TheGreenBeam reacted to LAwLz in [UPDATES] Facebook, Instagram, Twitter could get blocked in India tomorrow[6 months now]   
    I've been reading the limited amount of information available regarding this Indian law and it does NOT at all seem to be about privacy or protecting people.
    I mean, the government tries to force companies to track things like who post what so that the government can track down the source of claims. I really don't see how that is meant to improve privacy for Indian users. Seems like the opposite to me.
    Let's remember that the Indian government has been trying to get a lot of negative news about them removed from the Internet, quoting "security of state and public order" as the reason for why they want it removed.
    The Indian government seems to have taken a look at China and went "oh wow, they have so much control over social media. We want that too". Then they say they need all these new laws and rules in order to help their people. Yeah right...
    Also, the new rules were only announced 90 days before they went into effect. If we are going to liken it to GDPR (which we really shouldn't because they are pretty much the exact opposite to one another), companies had 2 years to implement it. Not 90 days.
    Here are some of the new rules social media platforms have to follow:
    A "grievance redressal mechanism". I had to look this up but it's apparently quite common in India. Basically, it's a system where people can complain to a company about something. Seems pretty fair to demand that if you ask me. Appoint new executives whose responsibility is to coordinate with law enforcement. Remove content within 36 hours of receiving an order from the Indian government. So basically, if the government doesn't like something, then it should be removed within 3 days. This is very, very bad. Companies will be required to assist in probes or other cyber secuirty-related incidents within 72 hours of a request from the government. Social media sites will have 1 day to remove any post depicting an individual in a sexual act or conduct. For those wondering, pornography is illegal in India and the government has previously tried to get pornographic websites blocked but failed.  Companies has to be able to track the "originator of a message or post" if the Indian government requests to see who posted something.  
    This happened because Twitter refused to comply with the Indian governments' demands to remove some tweets about the farmer's protests in India.
    Also, companies have not refused to comply or answer questions.
    Facebook said they welcomed the rules.
    WhatsApp initially declined to comment but their lawsuit kind of does the speaking for them.
    Twitter said they would have to study the rules before they commented on them.
    Source: Reuter
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    TheGreenBeam got a reaction from SeAsOn3 in [UPDATES] Facebook, Instagram, Twitter could get blocked in India tomorrow[6 months now]   
    WhatsApp is apparently suing the Indian government over the new rules saying that implementing the new rules would mean end to privacy for its users.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Guy_Incognito in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    I recently fulfilled a long standing dream to build in a clear acrylic case. The previous owner said that he first bought the case back in 2007. I've had that power supply since 2010 or earlier.

    Check out those washable fan filters! You can remove them without removing the fan by undoing 4 wee tiny screws that hold a ring the mesh is molded in to.

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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Commodus in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    Why is easy movement between countries a bad thing as long as it's safe? We should be encouraging more connectedness, not scaling it back. We're one species, and if we're going to last long we need to recognize that with our movement.
    And I'm sorry, but books, chats and documentaries only take you so far. It's good to brush up before you go, but the best way to truly understand a culture is to immerse yourself in it. Whatever your motivations for travel, you're still more likely to appreciate things by witnessing them first-hand.
    For example, I've been to Barcelona a couple of times. Sure, you can read about the architecture, food and neighborhoods, but it's something else entirely to see that mix of classic and hypermodern buildings right in front of you, to see a tapas bar on seemingly every corner, to know what Plaça d'Espanya or the Passeig Maritim is like. For that matter, there's all the little things that are hard to quantify, like European social attitudes (Barcelona had protests the last time I went). And this is a culture that's relatively close to North America's — I'd love to go to someplace like Bhutan and have a truly different experience.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to wkdpaul in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    Not just that, but in an emergency, people with non-emergency tests, treatments and surgery will be put aside.
    They estimate they may have missed thousands of cases of cancer in my province because preventive testing and examinations have been delayed or completely cancelled in some heavy hit areas (when they compared to previous years number of cases).
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to TVwazhere in [MotF] Moderators on the Forum   
    Fun fact sometimes I see the word mod and read mop. 
    We're mops. We just clean up messes 😂
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to piratemonkey in [MotF] Moderators on the Forum   
    When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Master Disaster in Crypto miners are hoarding early shipments of RTX 3080s   
    I honestly don't think Nvidia care. I mean when we had the bit coin boom a few years back there was stories of Nvidia selling GPUs by the palette load to miners while the retailers were all totally sold out.
    It really doesn't matter to Nvidia, a sale is a sale at the end of the day.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Energycore in [MotF] Moderators on the Forum   
    Well, you know. There's people whose primary language is not English, people who didn't have access to good education, middle schoolers, ect.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Letgomyleghoe in Bros n lady bros advise me   
    Just ask her, last time I asked someone out was when I dropped back off at her house after dinner, don’t make it anything big or fancy. 
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Caroline in Bros n lady bros advise me   
    I'd rather have a date with a chill guy tell me hey wanna go to Wendy's tonight rather than a pretentious moron that wants to take me to an expensive restaurant as an excuse to f*ck me. Don't be that last guy.
    went out with a guy like that once and he got extremely mad because I rejected his kiss and started yelling in front of everyone that he had just spent a lot of money on a date and that I was an ungrateful whore so I sucker punched him and took a bus home. 
    maybe that's why I'm still single tho
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to tkitch in Bros n lady bros advise me   
    If you need some complicated scheme to set things up?  There's def not enough chemistry to make a relationship work.
    I asked my GF out 5 years ago to dinner (Ramen shop, up the street from her house.)  Nothing complicated, no crazy schemes.  Just ask her directly, and that's generally appreciated.  (Too many people play games.)
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Sarra in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    I really miss the super light traffic that we had during the first few weeks...
    Now traffic is even worse than before. On top of that, there's no firearms available for purchase (I was going to get a rifle for target shooting/plinking, but the model I want is on backorder), everyone is in a crap mood, traffic wrecks and traffic wreck injuries are way up (at least here), and my hours got reduced at work (but we are getting Hazard Pay, but it doesn't quite make up for it).
    I'm only working 4 days a week, and my entire year's worth of vacation time has been spent already on 'day off' days, plus I'm out of sick time (due to actually being sick, go figure), but at least I have a cool mask...
    Several people that I've known for a few years now at work have passed away due to this, but I'm not really putting much in that, since we have a few people pass away every few months anyways.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to wkdpaul in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    People that believe this are morons ;
    First, this ;
    We want the right to decide. It's our life, it's our bodies, it's up to us
    That's the same bullshit argument smokers were giving when smoking ban were issued, and the same logical fallacies apply ; it's NOT just about you, it's about the people AROUND you. You might be fine with catching COVID, you might even get no symptoms and have no lasting problems, BUT the people you get in contact with might not have the same chance. I really don't understand what is hard to comprehend with this ? It's NOT about freedom, it's about public health.
    Then this ;
    The children aren't to blame. The population is being abused.
    Yeah, it's not the children's fault, no shit Sherlock! But you want them to not wear a mask and not social distance because "it's not their fault" ???? WTF does that even mean? "It's not my child's fault, so I want him/her to be in an 'at risk' environment and not protect him/herselft !!"
    All right then, cars are not "your child's fault", so next time let them cross a busy BLVD without waiting for the pedestrian crossing ... because that makes complete sense!
    Seriously, what's wrong with people, we're getting numbers from the USA, kids that are in schools when masks and social distancing aren't required are getting infected. As a parent, I'm brutally aware that schools are a fucking petri dish and kids get sick all the fucking time! And when they're not, one of the parent get sick. So having social distancing rules and having them wearing masks makes complete sense!!!
    I honestly don't understand the issue with wearing a simple surgical mask. It doesn't infringe on your liberties, there are people wearing masks all day long, and have no issues. You can't have a health issue that forbids you to wear a surgical mask, in fact, serious health issues will often REQUIRE the person to wear a mask. The gov should just ignore these people, plan a re-opening that makes sense (like mandatory masks in schools and in all public areas), have hefty fines for people breaking the rules and keep pushing against their stupidity.
    It worked for NZ, it'll work here.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to TrainFan90 in model railroad thread.   
    I'm not a serious model railroader, but I still mess around with it sometimes.

    I have more locomotives than train cars!
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to warmongerp in Aftermath of the Verge PC build - 2 years of bullying   
    Created an account to reply to this thread.
    I agree ppl should chill but there is a very good reason why he keeps getting memed on, he refuses to apologize for the build and even double down multiple times saying things like "Those elitist youtubers are haters, the pc works who cares", even to this day he is arrogant about the build and believes he did no wrong.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to mr moose in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    I kinda feel bad, I've been sitting here cursing our state for the latest increase in cases,  lamenting how hard it's getting with lockdown etc while the rest of the country is opening back up in varying stages.  Then it was pointed out that if you put my state on a ist compared to the rest of he world it would be 125th worst.  That means there are literally 125 countries with it worse than us.   Then I read that shit about californium.  Fuck me you guys are toast.  I'm so sorry it went that way.  
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to huilun02 in (SPONSORED) Flagship specs in a Mid-ranger?? – OPPO Reno4 Pro Showcase   
    Never thought you were gonna showcase an Oppo device
    The Amazon link dont seem to work for me though (it goes to Amazon, but the Reno 4 Pro is nowhere to be found) is this even released yet?
    It is indeed a very nice phone to meet the needs of vast majority of users.
    If it costs under $400, its good value. If its under $350, its fantastic. And thats coming from me if you know who I am and what I do in the forum.
    Things to note:
    Base model comes with 128GB storage and 8GB of RAM. Storage can be expanded. Curved screen Plastic unibody 4,000mAh battery Whole thing is remarkable 7.7mm thick 500nits display Very good 32MP selfie cam that does 1080p120 with HDR and gyro EIS Headphone jack BT 5.1 GSM only However if you have to pay more than $400, you better off importing the Oneplus Nord
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to dizmo in (SPONSORED) Flagship specs in a Mid-ranger?? – OPPO Reno4 Pro Showcase   
    Exactly. Or grab something from Motorola, they're always having pretty good sales.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in (SPONSORED) Flagship specs in a Mid-ranger?? – OPPO Reno4 Pro Showcase   
    i wonder how long software support will last. that's the main thing that keeps phones with good specs usable. it's the reason i can still use my iPhone 6s. software support means everything to me. 
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to dizmo in (SPONSORED) Flagship specs in a Mid-ranger?? – OPPO Reno4 Pro Showcase   
    Who said anything about budget? If you're on a tight budget, you'd aim at entry level, not mid range. Mid range, by definition, would be between 0 and the high end. Which is exactly where it's marketed, if not a little lower.
    Right. Because if you're looking at Amazon, it's been imported, and they have to pay shipping, fees, and then their profit on top of that.
    I'd check your band compatibility first. The phone isn't marketed towards North America, so there's a chance it won't work with your carrier at all.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to lewdicrous in I love LTT YT Channel, but I seriously can't take anymore of Linus...   
    The problem here is you're judging him based on how you see them work together on camera.
    You need to keep in mind that the way they act on camera vs off camera is not the same.
    As for how he treats the stuff they're reviewing, it's been a running joke that Linus drops a lot of the things he touches. It has become a part of the act.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to LinusTech in Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!   
    Thanks so much for joining. My vision is a community based on positive member interaction and helping each other. I believe that if we all work together toward this goal, we will have success in the long run.
    We don't have official forum rules or anything like that yet, but as long as everyone is respectful of each other, and patient with the growing pains that we are going to experience (vBulletin 5 is VERY beta right now) we can make this into an AWESOME community forum.
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Donut417 in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    It didn’t help that the CDC was changing it’s story all the time on symptoms and what we needed to protect ourselves. Many people took it as the feds were incompetent. As many have lost faith in the government’s ability to lead. 
    If we had strong leadership from the beginning, then things would have went better. Instead we have 50 governors doing their own thing. Things in Michigan have stabilized a bit, but it’s no where close to being normal again. 
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    TheGreenBeam reacted to Commodus in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    What's horrible is realizing that the situation in the US could have been so much better with consistently strong quarantines and earlier travel restrictions... and that, in turn, could have improved the situation in Canada and other countries.