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  1. JakeLown


    i checked everything nothing wrong with hard drive i guess its cuz of corrupted files
  2. JakeLown


    i think so but i dont know why it happened suddenly there was no problem like couple hours ago
  3. JakeLown


    i also cant press anything during startup i press f8 to go recovery mod but nothing happens
  4. JakeLown


    i don't know my pc freezed today then i restarted and now stuck at bios screen
  5. JakeLown


    stuck at bios screen i exit bios screen and it comes again i don't know why it happened suddenly any idea? thanks.
  6. so i also try with Hwinfo64 and same thing
  7. yeah i downloaded hwmonitor everything is ok this open hardware monitor is just showing false
  8. im using open hardware monitor
  9. Hello i dont know too much about pc's is this motherboards temperature its too high what can i do
  10. thanks for everything i appreciate it
  11. look at the insane drop it feels like same but i guess its better now.
  12. yeah im not using animated wallpaper but after android 10 update screen using too much battery its common
  13. thanks for help but i dont feel like its working its draining fast still now i saw a lot of discussions about that android 10 battery thing maybe they will bring update