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  1. Summary Monsoon Accessorize uses the old Pulse Connect Secure VPN version that has a vulnerability and allows hackers to steal or ransom sensitive internal company files, customer data . Quotes My thoughts This company are also on the edge of bankruptcy, and now this happened.This type of "security" might leave you barefooted one day. I mean, all info, everything is accessible. How can we be sure, that the company we work for has a proper level of security? Or maybe they did it on purpose in order to sell everything on black market? Sources
  2. Did you know that Netflix costs $7.26 in Japan and $9.05 in Bolivia, despite the latter having a much smaller library and being a far less wealthy country? Or that on average, Steam games cost 3 times more in Japan than they do in Argentina? Heres a research on this topic . Why do you think about such price differences? I was surprised by this:
  3. well, i've been driving with my husband every single day, and i've improved a lot. I just need more time and practise than others , but thats fine. the good result is only that matters
  4. yeah, the car is bright red, with L in front, back, and on the roof. just some people forgot that there were just like me once
  5. Well, at first lessons, when you still suck and clutch/gas or especially when starting moving uphill, I was beeped 100 times, and once even one woman drove me around and hit the break hard just in front of my car :(
  6. I didn't mean to generalize; It's just that I see a lot of exposing articles like this. No offense to China :( Yes, I agree, every country has its bad.
  7. I might not be the smartest one in tech, but that's why I'm here. To learn. What is wrong with China? This website (*original source) always do researches, and there is always China involved. I was using VivaVideo, but now, I'm afraid to use anything because recently there the number of infected apps is increasing. * Original Source
  8. Thanks, guys! You cheered me up a bit and it was interesting to read your stories. It was a driving exam. The theory I passed with flying colors. I guess I was way too stressed. Now I'm driving with my husband and gaining more experience and courage.
  9. i my brush my teeth twice a day. At evening, i brush them , then floss, that small brush for the back of teeth, and then rinse
  10. Today was the day, when i failed to pass driving exam. How many attempts did you have till you finally passed it? I feel sad, that I failed to pass from the first try
  11. My favourite hobby is photoshop. I just love retouch and photo manipulations.
  12. but it's still a reliable source? i mean, i read them a lot
  13. 4-5 slices, and I'm done ... But after couple of hours, i'm happy, that I have some slices left. I just love pepperoni pizza!
  14. I think it's great, that some websites do such reseraches and find vulnerabilities and talk about them. I personally didn't find it surprising, as this providers are cheap , almost noname :dunno: , so it was sort of predictable. But why PrivateVPN and Betternet didn't make any official statements? I think their users must know Found Source : TomsGuide Original Source: VPNpro
  15. It's been a while, since we first heard about ZOOM leaks. And as far as I can see, nothing really is improving. Source: https://nypost.com/2020/04/28/dhs-concerned-zoom-may-be-vulnerable-to-foreign-spies-report/