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    I9 9900k
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    Msi Z390 Godlike
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    32gb 3600mhz Corsair Dominator Platinum
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    Rtx 2080ti Kingpin w/hydrocopper
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    Lian Li 011d
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    1tb 970evo plus, 500gb 970evo, 2tb seagate hdd
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    Corsair rm1000
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    Alienware 25 monitor (1080p,240hz)
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    Hardline custom loop 360mm rad and 6 Corsair ll120 fans
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    Corsair k95 platinum
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    Finalmouse ultralight cape town 2
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    Astro A50
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    Windows 10
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    Asus Zephyrus M
  1. I’ve been disassembling my graphics card to put a waterblock on it. However I can’t get the screws on the bracket to come off. I’ve tried a million different sized philips head screwdrivers and none of them seem to work.
  2. I’ll probably order an infrared thermometer instead. (Prob. easier than attaching thermometers)
  3. Coolant does not flow between that barrier/ it exits the radiator goes through the cpu and out to the gpu.
  4. I just recently finished building my first hardline tubing rig and after overclocking my 9900k to 5ghz I noticed that temps for my gpu during stress tests never got beyond 30c since the same coolant is going through the loop how is this possible?
  5. Well either I can’t read numbers or one thing happens to my computer because I am reading 60-75c temps on my cpu and 25c for my gpu/still strange how the gpu is 25c.
  6. Yes I removed the plastic wrap and I don’t see any air bubbles.
  7. How is my gpu running at around 40c with my cpu at 90c ish??
  8. I can’t physically touch the radiator but the fans but heat being pulled from the system is not incredibly hot. However when I drained the loop shortly after running a stress test to remount the water block the coolant was fairly warm. It makes no sense that the gpu temps are low and the cpu is at 90c especially since it’s all one loop.
  9. Yeah it didn’t make much sense to me either. I assume the air bubble is visible? (Just figuring out a way to identify it)