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  1. I've been using Nvenc. That's not the issue. I'm just seeking information on what to upgrade to because I would like to upgrade.
  2. I use Nvenc already with my 2080S. Im upgrading my CPU regardless.
  3. Heyo there. I am planning on buying a new CPU to go along with my RIG. I have an i7 9700F and I hate it, it doesn't perform to the standard I need. To the point now. I stream on a single PC while also gaming. I have heard good things about both the 3900x and 9900K sku's. For sheer performance, delivering great quality without diminishing in-game quality or performance, what is the better option for me here? Also something to note is that, I am planning on using my current CPU and mobo in a separate PC that will be dedicated to streaming. Anyway, I have done a ton of research and ca
  4. Hello there! I have come for some insight and I need assistance. I am very indecisive and for the life of me cannot make up my mind or find answers on what to get. So I have come here again in hopes of finding just that. My current rig in an NZXT H510 case: CPU: 9th gen i7 9700F GPU: EVGA Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super XC Ultra RAM: PNY 16GB 3200mhz MOBO: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus PSU: Corsair 750w Modular (I forgot the model number) Cooler: AIO Corsair H115i Platinum So basically, I am a streamer and currently using a single PC setup but wil
  5. weird thing is, I constantly monitor my usage % and my temps and both of those even with everything running full steam, are in good places and don't exceed what they shouldn't. So it could be that or it could be servers. Who knows.
  6. I am going to upgrade toi an i9 9900 KF as soon as I am able to
  7. @BlackManINC still having issues with Apex with nothing else but the game open and it gives me issues. Very few issues with MW other than their badly optimized and bad PC servers through Blizzard and Battle.net
  8. @BlackManINC My stream is always fine, never an issue with that. In Apex i am getting a ton of packet loss and get a ton of rubber banding. In modern warfare I just know the servers are rough right now because of the increased traffic to them. It looks like its a game server issue and I just happen to be an unlucky person with my path to their servers through my ISP I guess.
  9. @BlackManINC hello there! so i did a path ping to both EA servers and Battle.net. Results from the cmd prompt are linked below! Route to easo.ea.com Route to battle.net servers
  10. Apex doesn't release the IP addresses of their servers. I dont even know what servers I'm connected to on Modern Warfare. All I can do is test the ping and traceroute to battle.net and easo.ea.com or whatever they are to see. Attache are to PingPlotter tests to EA servers. Image 65252 is without Apex running and image 660050 is with Apex running.
  11. Hello there! I have come here becuase I am honestly lost for what to do. I cannot think of what else there is to do to fix these issues. So basically, I am a streamer and I play games such as Modern Warfare and Apex Legends. I am having a TON of connection issues to the servers. I have gone in to my physical router settings and enabled QoS and set specific rules for the ports the games and streaming software use as well as forwarded those ports. I have also set up a static IP address for my computer as well as using Cloudflare DNS servers (not sure if this even affects