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  1. Sure thing! I kinda tend to remaing for the long haul when the project/group is rather cool, like me in DD Zooniverse since 2014, aside what things can get interesting (papers, participations,.... https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/people/367/hugo-andres-durantini-luca/) Its a shame what I cannot contribute more point-wise since my computers are old/basic with only a GT 1030 as "GPU able to do anything relative modern". But anyway, doing what I can with F@H and BOINC (hope to get a badge for that once I put accounts in order there) and I hope someday have a truly decent GPU.
  2. And it worked, at least in the computer what I tested first, thanks! Deleted the manually the pending work units and after a new reinstall (with the delete data option enable) was back to business
  3. Thanks, I will test that once I finish the video calls of the day!
  4. Hi people! Some time without posting since I was (kinda still) buried in things to do some personal and the rest for the project where I participate. I hope what is the place to post this... if not, sorry, I stilll get lost in this forum. So, if you are into Astronomy and want to search for places where planets form or live using am multitud of images, I present you: https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/ssilverberg/disk-detective ! P.D.: I really need to ask in the foilding forum about how to fix my F@H client in two computers that go corrupted afte
  5. Health is a priority! But glad to ear you are doing ok
  6. Hello everybody! Lost a bit tracks of things over here because the citizen science project where I collaborate (Disk Detective), but nice to see what things are moving along with the Folding team since our team now is number 3! Don`t know when happened, but yay! In my case, slow but steady, still computing along
  7. Teams? Newbiw with this Pentathlon thing, how I join one?
  8. Not so bad por only having a bunch of old CPUs and one Geforce GT 1030, so just about to hit 1.1 millions... but at the current rate is going to take me some time for the silver F@H badge XD
  9. I was checking my F@H stats and... hopefully some of you will get the joke XD ... @GOTSpectrum (thanks, senpai for introducing me to folding )
  10. Yep, you are right in that regard, but also you are right before about the cooling being only marginally better, especially with the TPD of the Phenon X4 965 BE (140W) so kinda stuck... buuuuuut, I also have an old i5-2310 with a cooler what is reaching is end of life so, maybe I can buy the Air Frost 4 and worth case scenario use it later for that other machine.
  11. Thanks for the video! Here is the store: https://www.venex.com.ar/componentes-de-pc/coolers-y-water-coolers Even if Capital Cordoba is the second biggest city in Argentina after Buenos Aires, some things are hard to find locally.