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  1. Thanks for the tip but i got it used on FB marketplace for a good deal.
  2. 6600K, Asus Z170M+, 1050 ti. The main reason for the 32gb of ram is so i dont have to close all of chrome tabs when I decide to play some games (mostly warthunder). It stutters often with Chrome and the game open.
  3. I had 2x8gb Gskill running at 2400mhz with 6600K and i bought another set of G Skill but its rated at 3200. What Asus mobo settings do I change to find a decent common speed and what should I look at in CPUZ to ensure its running at the speed. Slots 1 & 3 are the higher speed sticks. I set the speed in the bios to 3200 for it all but not sure it's running at that. Bios mentioned that the voltage is 1.5 which I think is to high, but i cant see that voltage in cpuz. Setting XMP didn't boot with all 4 sticks. Please advise
  4. A buddy is wanting a new micro atx build mostly for general work and light gaming (COD Warzone). He is in Italy and the budget is roughly 450 usd. I was thinking AMD Ryzen 5 1600, Gigabyte B450 AORUS M Micro ATX but not sure what GPU. 1660 super is a bit too pricey. Thoughts?