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Everything posted by Spawnholio

  1. I just entered the top 10000. Congrats on the top 5000! Cheers to that
  2. I'm really struggling to work out how to link my folding@home stats with BOINC. It says you need the same username and password as folding@home to link to your stats, but I have no password just a passkey and it's really not very obvious on the Boinc site how to do this. Sorry to sound like a noob, but I'd like to link up to earn my badges as I've earned over 2,000,000 points for team Linus.
  3. 3 older PC's running 24/7. It was only 2 PC's up until yesterday, but decided to add a 3rd.
  4. On the GPU one? 9 hours and 34 minutes. Not fast but it's been running 24 hours/day for 2 days and completed 9 WU's which for how crap the PC is ...Basically I'm just happy to be helping.
  5. First time folder. I don't have the most powerful machine, but it was sitting idle and every bit helps, right? Happy to be folding for Team Linus