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    Motorola 68000 7.16MHz
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    Amiga 500
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  1. The best bang for your buck would probably be in upgrading your GPU, but I would look for a GPU that gives you more than a 2060 would give being that you already have a 1070. So yes to upgrading the GPU, but no to it being a 2060/super... it would not be much of an improvement. and still no on the 2070. I personally want to see around 50% improvement before jumping up to another card.
  2. check it again, make sure it is clean, try one stick then try two sticks, switch them around too,if it still does not work, try the other slots
  3. I had to RMA a 2600 that was doing weird shit like that. Hanging, freezing up, having to hard reset a couple times a day. and I tried all of the BIOS voodoo I could think of to fix it, reinstalled windows, stuck the CPU in another board, tried different ram. I believe you get a 3 year warranty. I honestly do not think they even looked at my CPU, I had it delivered to them one day, and they were shipping out a replacement the next. The thing that did seem to help was turning off automatic voltage and setting it manually and some other stuff, basically crap I should not have to do to "
  4. just look a high res pic of the board, or download the manual
  5. You can literally use as many fans as you can fit into whatever case you are using. You can use a splitter and hook up multiple fans to the same header, or you can hard wire them to power, or run them off of a fan controller.
  6. are you having trouble? I would get at least another 8gb of ram
  7. when you start messing around with stuff, windows sometimes does not like it and will start giving you issues, even after you return everything back to the way it originally was. Why? multiple reasons, but who really knows. Want to fix it? I would reinstall windows and not mess around with it. If you do want to continue to tinker, then create a restore point or even create a recovery/repair disc and be prepared to do it all over again.
  8. ok, you have a Summit Ridge CPU so update to 5.50 first restart, yada yada, then it wants you to install the AMD all in one driver (This is just the GPU (amd) and your Chipset drivers for your board.) Since you do not have a amd gpu, you can probably just download the chipset drivers directly from AMD after the chipset drivers are updated, then you can install the 5.90 bios asrock does not recommend upgrading further with your CPU
  9. update your bios and reset it to default, optimized settings. try again
  10. I'm sure youtube has some videos of people using a dedicated GPU with this CPU, with comparisons against other cpus, etc.... Depending on the game though, your equivalent regular Ryzen CPU is going to be between a 1200 and a 1600. I wouldn't worry about having only 8 pci-ex lanes either, it will have negligible impact. You will be more than fine at 1080p. Of course one has to wonder why you are putting such a big engine on the back of a canoe. If you can afford the 3070, then you could surely afford a CPU that is better matched.
  11. I believe there is a force or bypass function to get around that. What are you using to flash?
  12. you can use https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva or https://www.r-studio.com/Data_Recovery_Download.shtml