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  1. I am surprized too, I spent the past two weeks watching benchmarks etc that were reassuring. But mine is struggling. I cleaned my computer from every single software I don't use, optimized windows 10 by disabling all unused and taxing features, but it's still stuggling. I was looking at the 5800x but the (always wanting more) me, wants the 5900x to be on the safe side for the next 4-5 years. as for the memory, I have the o11 dynamic, as you know it's a "show off case" so the ripjaws wouldn't look good .
  2. Apparently it started shipping to distributors as per VideoCardz.com, I am not very confident in scoring on at launch but just add it to my planned upgrades.
  3. Thank you for your reply. And thank you I am excited to be here and learn from all of the members. I don't mind keeping it and I don't mind selling it (but the resell value is pretty low with the new releases tbh). The game runs fine for my friends with their 3900x or 5600x. The 3080Ti is intresting if it launches in May. as per videocardz.com's article it was spotted already being shipping to distributors in the us at least (I am in Canada). But do you think the combo I am planning would help ? at least for now until a gpu upgrade happens ?
  4. Hello friends, I am experiencing major annoying fps drops when playing videogames (mainly Warzone) and Streaming/recording. I am playing with the overclock in hopes to squeeze as much as I can from my 8700K @ 5.0ghz but my Aorus z370 gaming 5 doesn't want to cooperate unless I crank up the Voltage to 1.36+ V (otherwise blue screens party) and that makes the cpu toasty (78+ max) even with a kraken x72 (360mm AIO). I am currently playing on a 2080 super FTW3 Ultra Gaming that I overclocked (+1100 mem / +70 core). I overclocked my 32go G-Skill Trident Z CL16 to 3333mhz - a