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  1. Boooo, recount it was a fix I tell ya, I suspect hanging chads and the illuminati, wake up sheeple etc etc Good work to all those involved in organising, thanks for all the work!
  2. One of my WU's hit my stats last night, the two earlier ones are still not showing, one has been done for over 26 hours now
  3. So today apparently I have scored no points despite having folded 24/7 since the competition started. As far as I can see in the logs I should at least have received: 64,576 at 0547 9,405 at 1002 88,120 at 1835 Seems weird that the whole day is blank for me, I have seen lag between getting points, but not of over 9 hours. I know the servers are under heavy load but all the results seem to have been uploaded correctly and have estimates. Any ideas?
  4. So it looks like my last 3 WUs failed for some reason, only errors I could see say: 05:16:34:WARNING:WU01:FS01:Exception: Failed to send results to work server: Failed to connect to No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. 19:52:05:WARNING:WU00:FS01:Server did not like results, dumping 22:39:56:ERROR:WU00:FS01:Exception: 10002: Received short response, expected 512 bytes, got 0 Any ideas?
  5. I had mine set to low for the first day and a half or so because I did not realise it disabled GPU folding.....Yes I am a numpty.
  6. I have been getting WUs pretty consistently not enough to keep me busy 24/7 but I have completed 17 in the last 3 days. I have however decided to turn the old girl off for a little while give her a rest ahead of the start of the event, she is nearly 10 years old after-all. For those wondering if they will make the 500k total in time well my aging beast managed to score 450k in 3 days (there was a laptop involved for about 3 WUs but it was getting too hot. So a 2500k and a GTX 1060 have managed quite well, wont be the worst system F@H I know but nowhere near the best!
  7. So I have set my rig to medium folding setting and been leaving it all day and night. Except that I took it outside yesterday to give it a bit of a dust, at least one of you will be pleased... I may post pre-clean pictures to trigger some of you Do any of you game when running medium or low? I have been playing some less graphically intensive games like battle brothers which I am pretty addicted to. Will that be having a big detrimental effect on the output? However as I decided against letting my laptop fold anymore I may just game on that instead. The laptop was ge
  8. Nice work I am on the list so does that mean I can come in? Well right now I would settle for getting out somewhere!
  9. I will, I do clean out the filters regularly but not every fan is covered with them (for some reason!), so have to take the whole thing outside to give it a proper blast of compressed air. Temps look good though right? Folding at medium setting.
  10. Thanks, sorry I wasn't clear its my main PC which the smell is coming from, it is just very very dusty. The temps look OK but advice is welcome! CPU is showing 64 C GPU is showing 69 C My laptop is whirring away, I am letting it pick up a WU, finishing it and then giving it a little rest because the poor fans are spinning up pretty hard. Laptop GPU 66 C CPU idle
  11. So my rig has done 18 hours of folding so far, its first ever. My room is baking and I think I can smell burning dust, is that normal? lol My laptop will not be running all night as I do not trust it to not blow up despite being about a year old and not far off the capability of my main rig. However it did complete a WU yesterday in about 6-7 hour and I don't think it was added to my total, it seemed to upload the results fine not really sure what I am looking for in the log though. It is now beavering away again and so I shall see what happens. So far my stats say I h
  12. Does it automatically combine the totals across two machines if using the same pass key and username? Sorry I didn't see it in the FAQs.
  13. Not sure if just lucky with my main rig but that did receive a WU to get started on straightaway (well on the GPU not CPU). But laptop is sitting there trying to get stuck in on both GPU and CPU.
  14. So been watching LTT for years but have joined today to join the fight and the team. My rig is an aging 2500k with a 1060 (6gb). I have an 8th gen i5 in my laptop and a 1050 in that as well, will add that to the pool shortly. I also have an old AMD 64 3500+ and I think a 7600 GT, presume that it is probably not worth adding that to the fray though?!