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  1. Ok so i dont know where those screws are in my house but i am looking for them right now. but thanks for the help
  2. Ok so my mother has a gaming computer and has been fine up until this point, there are no problems with the software itself but the problem is that gpu is sagging, there are no screws that are holding it in place (the case is the fractal design meshify c black) and so this has me worrying about the pc and its future, i dont know what screws go into the gpu bracket to screw it in and i dont know what the bag that the screws to hold the gpu in the case are labeled. could anyone help me with this problem?
  3. ok so the light orange in the logo is the orange in the LTT logo right now
  4. Ok so i wanted to make a new ltt logo. its just a concept. tell me if ya like it
  5. ok so i checked everything and i get no errors with my drives but i still need to run memory diagnostic
  6. So i got my pc in august of 2019 and since then my pc has gotten 2 upgrades. a 1tb SSD and a Ryzen 7 3800X. but since I got those upgrades my pc has had lots of bugs and errors. like when i play a game like blade and sorcery, it just doesn't let me quit the application and i have to restart my system. a recent issue that has come up but is now fixed is when i play fortnite or any graphics intensive game. my pc just bluescreens out of nowhere. and here are the specs for the system, when i got it i had a budget so these are kind of low end parts. -CPU: Ryzen 7 3800X -GPU: Nvidia 1660 Ti
  7. I already have a good rig sadly. but my rig has given me lots of errors over the past year ive had it. i wish i could meet linus. thats all i really wanted
  8. yeah i live in the USA. but i wish i could meet linus. thats all i really wanted
  9. i cant participate because my rig is already good. but i wish i could participate just once.
  10. Ok so i wanted to participate in the rog rig reboot contest this year since i have never participated in a rig reboot contest before. but then i remembered that i had a good pc. but this pc has been giving me errors for about a year now. and i bought my pc LAST YEAR in august. its gotten so bad that i had to wipe my computer and then start from scratch. i just wish i could participate. but i know that even if i participated in the rog rig reboot contest, i would have lost.
  11. ok so i got my pc in august of 2019 and since then my pc has been fine specs: ASRock B450M motherboard ryzen 3 3200G corsair ddr4 ram 8g x 2 Nvidia 1660 ti crucial 550g ssd corsair cx550m power supply and then one day on march 20 2020 my monitors screens shut off but the monitors were still on somehow and then my pc fans accelerated can anyone help me with this problem