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    Ryzen 2600
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    Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi
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  1. Hello everyone, so i dont normally post here, but ive been working on my pc one piece at a time, i originally got my pc with a cheap case: https://yeyian.mx/gabinetes-y-enfriamiento/caja-de-ordenador-de-sobremesa-gaming-yeyian-vortex-micro-atx-sin-fuente-de-alimentacion-negro-led-rojo-ygv-68811.html Poor airflow = noise from the fans ramping up = bad temps Little space for aftermarket cpu air coolers Little space for cable management PSU has to be mounted on the top. included 4 Molex-only fans Acrylic panel Front panel audio never worked (but i believe
  2. Hello, so i recently got the PSU power reactor xpg 650W it comes with a farily decent cable langth (from the PSU to my UPS), however i would like to change my desk position and a longer cable from the psu to the ups would be very helpful so i wonder if it matters if i get a thid party one that is like 2m or 3m or if i should always use the one that comes with the power supply sorry if this is a silly question, just want to make sure.
  3. Hey! if anyone wants to know my newbie storie. So part of my "problems" were noise and temperature, i notice the noise part is not really the amd stock cooler's fault, but mostly because my case* came with 4 included molex-only fans, so they are running at 100% all the time. So i got a new rear case 80mm 5 dollars fan with a 3 pin header so my motherboard can control the speed, and even on the "performance" setting i got a -5dB improvement- i'm planning to get another 4 120mm fans that i can control with the motherboard for my case to replace the existing ones (and to ha
  4. Thank you everyone, i think i have now some extra ideas
  5. You made a good point actually, maybe getting a case with a better airflow could be the actual answer
  6. ive been thinking about overclocking and the stock cooler gets pretty noisy when rendering a video.
  7. Hello everyone, i'm a newbie and i have a few questions so i have the Yeyian vortex 1200 case, according to the manual the max height for the air cooler is 155mm i found the cooler master 212 appealing, but it is 158mm tall ¿are those numbers that specific or can i get away with this? I'm running a Ryzen 2600 with the stock cooler anyway, my questions are: ¿Is there an air cooler that matches the 155mm max? any suggestions? regards