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    South Carolina, US
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    Computers and various other things...
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    Just an old-time computer geek and Linux dude - first distro was Yggdrasil, after tinkering with Minix a bit...Like I said...OLD time...
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    I teach office computing skills to disabled adults


  • CPU
    2x Intel Xeon X5675 Hex-Core 3.07GHz
  • Motherboard
    Dell OEM PowerEdge R710 rack server repurposed as workstation
  • RAM
    48Gb ECC DDR3 1333Mhz
  • GPU
    Zotac Mini GTX 1070
  • Case
    Modded OEM 2u rackmount server case
  • Storage
    128GB cheapie SSD for boot
    5x 2TB spinners in 2x RAID 1 and one RAID 0
  • PSU
    2x Dell OEM 875w
  • Display(s)
    AOC 27"
    Viewsonic 23"
    Samsung 22"
    Samsung 21"
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    Modded Dell OEM fans
  • Keyboard
    Vintage IBM Model M Spacesaver bought new for $15 back in the '90s...
  • Mouse
    Ancient Microsoft jobbie
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    HDMI to headphones
  • Operating System
    WIN 10 Pro/Linux Mint 20 dual boot running on bare metal
  • Laptop
    Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation 1st gen i7 quad core 16gb RAM
  • Phone
    Samsung J7

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  1. Cleared 50,000,000 today. Cool. If I can keep the GTX 1070 and both GTX 970s online and running, I can steadily gobble up 1.4 million PPD, which is pretty nice. I keep losing production to various hardware reshuffles and upgrades, though, as reflected in the graph attached. It also seems like some WUs just plain run less efficiently than others. The GTX 1170 generally wants to run at about 800k PPD, but sometimes it will run not too much better than half that, and the only variable I can account for is the difference in WUs. Too bad there isn't a "silver-plus" badge to put i
  2. I imagine that is how most people here started: with just whatever was laying around, then whatever they could dig out of closets. I happen to have access to a lot of older server and workstation gear, so that is where I went next. Lots of old Xeon CPUs making lots of heat. Then, I discovered the joys of GPU folding and have come to focus exclusively on that. I suspect that some of the higher flyers in this world have either repurposed somebody else's server farm (and power bill) or have dug out their old mining rigs. I will be lucky to ever even break into the top 1000, given some of the fold
  3. We have not gotten that hot here yet, but it is inevitable. That is a big part of why I gave up on CPU folding altogether. My wife fronted me some money as an early birthday present, and I ordered a GTX 1070 today. That, combined with my two GTX 970s and my old GTX 750ti should give me something around 1.7 million PPD. That will just have to do for now. From what I am told, I can even use these things to play games!
  4. Oh, COVID-19 itself is going nowhere anytime soon. People here in the US seem determined to help spread it as far and as widely as possible. The only thing fading with COVID-19 is the novelty of it being among us and the novelty of folding proteins to try and cure it, hence the vast number of inactive users that are accumulating like arterial plaque in the folding world. 3/4 of the people that were folding back in April are inactive now. Personally, I am doubling and redoubling my efforts as we get deeper into this thing, since a vaccine or something along those lines is the only thing that is
  5. With the novelty of the whole COVID-19 wearing off, fewer people are participating in the F@H effort than a few months ago. However, those that are left (including me) have buckled down and are cranking out more points than ever, averaging around 36 trillion points or 1.5 million Work Units per day. What that adds up to in petaflops or super computer equivalents, I am not sure, but can say with some confidence "a LOT"... I have retired all of my older Folding machines (Socket 771/775 boxes) and have ceased all CPU folding, as it just is too inefficient and makes too much heat, and I h
  6. Still picking up steam, still adding GPUs, still cutting back on CPU cores devoted to folding. Still having fun. Currently have the following up and running: 1x Dell Precision T5500 w/ 1x X5660 @ 2.8Ghz, 12GB of RAM, 1x Zotac GTX 970 1x Dell Poweredge R710 w/ 2x X5675 @ 3.09Ghz, 48GB of RAM, 1x Zotac GTX 970 1x HP Z400 w/ 1x L5640@ 2.2Ghz, 8GB of RAM, 1x EVGA GTX 750 Ti 1x Dell Precision M4500 laptop, Quad Core i7M, 15GB of RAM, 1x Quatro 880M This adds up to some 900,000PPD, so right now I am blowing past bunch of people that are no longer active and a fair n
  7. I am getting a lesson just now on the power and relative efficiency of GPU folding vs. CPU folding. I have read about same, but I am actually seeing it here in person now. At first, I was folding everything under Linux, which apparently does not support GPU folding very well if at all, so I was crunching away with my CPUs and burning a lot of electricity for not that many points. Everything I could throw it, but my office was starting to resemble a toaster-oven, and I was a Pop-Tart within... Then, I switched to Windows 10 on one machine, and it instantly picked up and put my GTX 750
  8. Hi, all. I have been a longtime fan of the Dell Precision T3500 (Socket 1366), having run one as my main rig for the past five or six years now. It has done everything I have asked of it and it is still fabulous. I didn't particularly need to upgrade from it, but the bug bit me and so I bought a T5500 motherboard and installed it into a spare T3500 case I have. Combined with a T5500 wiring harness and a 1000w T7400 power supply, it all went together and functions perfectly... as a single processor machine. But a T5500 with one processor is pretty much just a T3500, and so I ordered i
  9. Still chugging along, but slowly picking up speed with hardware additions and upgrades... Have now cleared 5 million points and 1000 WUs. I am another one that is working his way up into the top-ten...thousand on the team and the top-one hundred...thousand overall. :-) Battery now includes: 1x Dell R710 with 2x X5660 Xeons 1x Dell T3500 with 1X X5675 Xeon and 1x EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Ti OC 1x Dell T5500 with 1X X5670 Xeon (riser board and second X5670 on-order) 1x HP Z400 with X5670 1x Dell M4500 laptop with 1x quad core i7M 1x Acer crappy netbook that manages to cr
  10. Its a full VM under qemu. I suppose I can try the Container option as well. I suppose I would also have to look at either installng a GUI on ProxMox or figuring out how to run F@H from the command line. Either way, I will give 'er a go. Thanks.
  11. Hi: I recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge R710 server with 32gb of RAM and a pair of slower quad-core processors with the intention of planning to play with some virtualization stuff on it. I also want it to do some a good bit of folding on it as well. When running a Linux Mint Mate 19.3 install on bare metal, it will crank out around 30k points a day quite steadily. However, with Proxmox as a hypervisor and running Ubuntu server in a VM with all 8 cores devoted to it, its given me all sorts of numbers, first 70k for a while, then 30k for a bit, then finally it drops down to abo
  12. Hi: I have accumulated some LGA1366 server and workstation parts and complete systems, and find myself intrigued by the HP, Dell and other server blades that are available on the used server market. Full-fledged dual Xeon servers that cost little to buy, little to ship, and I have spare CPUs and RAM on-hand to get up and running? Sign me up! Well, one little problem... They are of course designed to plug into a proprietary chassis that provides power, connectivity, etc, etc. And while the blades are cheap, those housings are very much not. :-/ Does anybody have any experience wi
  13. Still chugging along, clawing my way up towards a million points... Had to pull two of my workstations offline for a bit to try and "upgrade" the processors to make less heat and consume less power. Tried to increase my core count in one case but the machine didn't like the low-power hex-core I put in it and wouldn't boot. Might be a BIOS issue. Something I have noticed...Compared to other peoples scores, my impression is that I am racking up points at a reasonable rate but my WU count is proportionally higher that most. Any explanation for this phenomena? Am I getting fed more but s
  14. Clawing my way slowly up the ladder running a bunch of old and odd hardware; my main Precision T3500 hex-core Xeon x5675, another hex-core Xeon HP Z400, this one an L5420, a HP XW8600 dual X5450 Xeon workstation, all running an assortment of comparably vintage video cards. Add to these an old Dell Inspiron somebody gave me running an Athlon X2, an Optiplex 380 with a Core 2 Quad, and a first-gen i7 quad-core laptop, and last, but most certainly least, an Acer netbook running a Celeron N3050 (slow but steady wins the race, right?), all of them running wide-open 24/7. What does all this bu