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    Intel Core i5-7400
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    ASUS H110M-R
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    Corsair Vengence 4GB 3200Mhz x2
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  1. GHUB is know to have issues. I cannot connect my G502 nor my G512. Maybe try changing the audio settings on your PC. You should be able use your headset without a software.
  2. Chances of getting one from the original price is, fairly low. You will probably stay up late at night just before it releases or something and quickly snag one online. Just try and beat the scalpers to it.
  3. Not the safest but if you don't knock it over you should be fine lol. I wouldn't personally do this I would just buy a cheap CPU clam-shell box. Edit: they are pretty cheap so consider buying the box, but if your motherboard ships fast within a few days or so then don't buy it.
  4. RTX 3000 has second generation ray-tracing, AMD 6000 is only first gen. RTX 3000 is more mature in most games with RTX on or off but AMD does make good GPUs. Mostly I would choose RTX 3000 unless you can take advantage of AMD Smart Access Memory with AMD CPU and GPU. But I would say the competition is very tight. Pretty even to me in most cases.
  5. Yes the Scythe Fuma 2 is definitely on my list. I checked out the Arctic, I think I am going to go with it. But it does look a little more dull imo XD
  6. Noctua fans seems slightly expensive than others. Sure I have the budget but I still want to see if I can save more money. Are there any alternatives? Thanks!
  7. Yeah it should since it is the top spec RTX 3000 card (NVIDIA doesn't count RTX 3090 as top spec since its more like the TITAN RTX sort of card).
  8. I have had the same issues as you before on games like COD MW, Valorant and Apex Legends. Lowing the settings works good for me, there are still some FPS spikes for me, but they are either subtle or they don't happen as often.
  9. What settings do you play on games? If you play on maxed out settings, try disabling a few of the settings or lowing them and see if there is an FPS increase.
  10. Do you have overheating issues? If components overheat, they may drop their performance so that they do not overheat. Try checking the temperature of both the CPU and GPU while your PC is on idle and while gaming.
  11. With browns the tactile feel is more subtle, more like a light bump. With blue switches, the tactile feel is thicker, more like a click.
  12. I have been waiting for a while to build a new PC. But I was wondering if I should get Zen 3 or Rocket Lake?
  13. My goodness you got a decent deal... I'm jealous.
  14. Always the sales coming in to save the day.