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  1. I'm on a low budget and tried to revive a office PC with a 1650 but my actual processor bottlenecks it badly, so im planning to build a budget one, with just enough power to fully run the 1650 for gaming, and having a nice upgradeability potential with a H410-HDV, also is this motherboard good ?
  2. Yeah i know, it was a stupid question sorry for asking.
  3. So, im triying to revive an old SFF Hp pc and i ordered a 1650 wich dosen't require external power, but my card got delayed to May 30 (i ordered it on March 17) can someone please tell me what i can do ? i already tried everything, i changed product priority and i also spoked with tech support and they couldn't do anything...
  4. I tried comparing components on this site lately and got some odd results sometimes is this site reliable for Gpu's and processors comparison ? Here is the link for the web site: https://versus.com/