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  1. I just purchased a PNY LR8 Rtx 3080. I wanna mount it verically in my Phanteks p400s case. With the card having to be so close to the glass, will this cause cooling issues? If so how bad and is there a workaround to make cooling better??
  2. I will try it again now, hopefully it works. Thanks
  3. Yes, I have 3. 2 144hz monitors and one 60hz. All 1080p I have tried keeping OBS on the same monitor and on a monitor of equal refresh rate and res.
  4. Exactly my problem, on stream looks fine but feels like crap to play.
  5. I'm having issues with some games being choppy, and framey while streaming games like Fortnite. I use Streamlabs OBS. I know my hardware is good enough to handle it, I've streamed it before with no issues but this time around I can't figure out the fix, I have friends with lesser PCs that don't have this problem. Ive read every forum and watched every video. I have i7 8700k OCd to 4.5, 1080ti and 32GB of Gskill tridentz DDR4. My last speed test I had 11 ping, 432 download and 982 Upload so I know my internet is not the problem. Hardwired of course. I'm streaming at 144