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  1. Hello everyone! Hope you all are well. I plan on buying a new ssd. Do I need to format my entire existing HD or do I only need to format my C drive? Thank you.
  2. If it happens while playing a game then the same thing was happening to me while playing dark souls 3. The solution in my case was lowering the resolution from 1080p to 900p.I have a gtx 750 ti 2gb(it was used).
  3. I changed the resolution from 1080p to 900p and now I have been playing for 40 min and the gpu hasn't crashed. I don't know how changing the resolution was the solution. Hopefully, it doesn't crash again. Thank you all so much for your time.
  4. Sorry for being so late. Before crashing it was using 1820mb or something of the available 2000mb. Does that tell anything?
  5. Hello! I recently bought a used gtx 750 ti 2GB. When I play skyrim LE it doesn't crash, however when I play dark souls 3 for a few minutes it stops giving display and I have to restart my pc to get the display back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.