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  1. Well consoles are rivalling PC's next gen, 5700-XT will age, but the driver support will be fantastic.
  2. Cyberpunk will be interesting because it is a huge game... I will be buying that, but as long as i get a good balance of visuals and FPS i am happy.
  3. On high the XT is easily pushing more than 60FPS, a non issue really and scales well at 1440P and above too. Like i said i don't own it, but yes visually per setting you don't really gain much but lose a shed load of performance.
  4. I don't own it but videos show it coping just fine.. Ultra is known for taking performance away drastically with very little visual improvements.
  5. Not sure about you guys but my 5700-XT maxes everything i throw at it.
  6. My GPU is the high end of the 5700-XT's and was worth every penny. Currency does not convert straight in any country because we pay VAT and taxes, so £415 is $306
  7. Run it stock, if it don't crash.. clearly not the GPU.
  8. That's true, i won't be visting their shit site again, if the mods are in on it, the game is over.
  9. CPU overclocking... you know..... unstable....
  10. So $2000 for the Ti model this time?
  11. Oh... https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/why-do-people-not-like-toms-hardware.1005121/
  12. Is generally filled with a bunch of idiot's who do not critically think at all? There are people saying to potential buyers to get a 700 watt power supply for a computer that uses around 300 watts maximum and if you question it, you get downvoted into oblivion and even the mods join in.
  13. RX 580 is not really worth buying no more and neither is the 5500XT with the Nvidia GTX 1650 Super, it runs with lower power consumption, if a PSU is a worry, the 1650 Super is likely to fair better than an RX card will in that scenario.