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  1. Captainmarino

    I should preface this with "everyone was okay"…

    Sadly, it's worse than "beating the red." The light was green for several seconds before the collision and the impact was at speed. There's no way that the other driver was paying attention until the moment it happened
  2. Captainmarino

    I should preface this with "everyone was okay"…

    Loudon Rd sucks! There IS the possibility that the red light was partially blocked by the tree coming around from that side of the intersection, buttttttt... there's also a sign leading up to it indicating that there will be a traffic signal though so... Ugh. Anyway, I'm glad everyone is ok. That's a scary collision. EDIT: Upon further review, they've apparently trimmed the trees since I've been down that way so the other driver just wasn't paying attention. Again, glad your dad is ok.
  3. The strange thing is that it nearly perfectly mirrors my graph for those few days.
  4. The same thing happened to me. I even went downstairs to check on things and LAR had it running smoothly, all my underclocks and whatnot were standard... nothing out of the ordinary. Then... poof! Right back to normal. Got me, man.
  5. Wow! You're not kidding. The R9 280 was taking 31s per WU when running one at a time. While running at 3x, I think it's around 41 or 43s. I have it splitting time now between MW@H and PG because why not?
  6. Alright, I got it working just fine so thanks for that. There's something I may not be understanding however; I see that I have 3 tasks running, but each one takes close to 4x as long as a single one does. Is it me or does that result in an overall decrease in task completion rate? Correction: it must have been an anomaly. By my current calculations, it's giving me about an 11% boost in tasks completed. Thanks again!
  7. That actually sounds perfect. Makes total sense. I'll try that out tonight. Thanks!
  8. Very good to know! Thanks! I didn't know you could do something like that.
  9. Captainmarino

    ... Oh okay, thanks Email

    Preemptive? You will eventually get an email?
  10. I'll try the GPU tasks on WCG and E@H after I get a couple days of MW@H under my belt to see how those work out for me. Thanks for the suggestions. So far, each of the MW@H tasks takes under 30s to complete. LOL. It's crazy. On a side note, it was interesting to find out that MW@H is run by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I grew up about 10 miles north of it and now live about 45 minutes north. I actually had a chance to go there with a scholarship too but... 10 miles?... that hit a little too close to home
  11. Thanks for the suggestion! I managed to figure out the problem. There was a problem with the preferences sticking between the application itself and online. It's been crunching away for a few days now with none of the issues I was seeing with F@H. Do you happen to know if I should expect to get decent PPD from MW@H with the 280? I just decided to go with PrimeGrid when I dropped F@H because PG was offering good PPD during the Pentathlon and I don't have any other experience with BOINC. Thanks again for your help!
  12. Hey, everyone. I've been having issues with my R9 280 and F@H so I've decided to stop fussing with it and sign it up for BOINC. I tried to get PrimeGrid working on the GPU but it doesn't seem to download any work for it. I set the preferences to download a day's worth and clicked update but still nothing. Anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. I feel like an idiot at the moment, but could someone help me with BOINC? I'm currently folding with my main rig but since my secondary R9 280 computer keeps dropping out of folding, I figured I might as well sign it up for BOINC. I wanted to run the GPU on PrimeGrid like during the Pentathlon but when I hit update, it just sits there and doesn't download anything to work on. Thoughts? I set it up to download 1 day's worth of work but currently zero.
  14. I wanted to share a big development in my life with all of my fellow folders. I don't normally share things like this because it always seems like bragging or something, but all of your collective positivity over the past year that I have been part of the group has really helped me so... I am a medical physicist. Our job is to perform quality assurance on linear accelerators used for radiation cancer treatments, generate said treatment plans, and provide technical assistance in the treating of the patients receiving those treatments. My training included going to grad s
  15. Take care, my friend. I'll miss your friendly banter 'round these parts. My best to you in your future endeavors.
  16. I like the team aspect as well. I used to run track/cross-country in high school and as much as a PR (personal record) was great to have, contributing to the team in order to get a meet win was even better. There was always strategizing going on with our VERY small teams in order to maximize our team points. Team wins are awesome and 5th place in the Pentathlon with our relatively small group is most definitely a win. Great job, everyone!
  17. I always like to help but thought that keeping track of everything for the Pentathalon was a bit much for my life right now. Then Spec DMs me so I said "Alright, I'll help out in the marathon." A week later, and I had contributed to 3-4 of the events and had a great time doing so. Thank you Spec and everyone else who organized and pitched in. I can't wait for next year. CHEERS! Fold on.
  18. Same here! 3600 gonna throw it a mile... and spear one of them Czechs through the thigh
  19. I'd like to swap my old one as well. I've been looking for a decent card for $150-225 to replace my aged R9 280. I've been hoping for something like a 960/970. I would then sell my card for a few bucks on the back side.
  20. Yeah, finally got signed up and crunching away. Sprint away!
  21. I had it running for two days and never got one to complete.
  22. Captainmarino

    CAD Cheese Because I dont have a good reason

    Throw in some Raclette and I'm down!
  23. Captainmarino

    CAD Cheese Because I dont have a good reason

    LOL. It's early, I know. I mean, it's 10:25 here so that makes iiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt... 10:25 there?!