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  1. How would you mount such a bay? Here's a picture of the case.
  2. Where do you mount HDD's in a NAS system build in an old tower? Mine has only like 2 HDD mounts, how would you mount them? I have 4 2.5" HDD and a few 3.5" ones. Would something like this be ok? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/5x-fractal-design-hdd-rahmen/1558678230-225-4255
  3. Yeah, 3600 non x is normally a better deal, as you can do a bit of OC even on a b550 motherboard. Well it depends with the RAM, as there are so many different sticks around, it really only depens on the deal you can get, but with ryzen I personally would never go under 3200.
  4. If you want to buy in may, then I would recommend you to look what is available then, as the you get the best bang for the buck with time limited deals. Also the new CPU's and GPU's will change the pricing of stuff by a lot and generally, 6 months is a lot of time for the tech industry, everything could happen in 6 months. But for your config. the only thing I would change is maybe the motherboard. I would go for a B550 as it's equally futureproof and is cheaper (and I dont think you will go overklocking that CPU with the stock cooler on it anyway). Also I would maybe add anot
  5. As title sais: Is Dell Perc H310 a good choice for a unRaid NAS build? EDIT: Fast replies apreciated, as I have a deal on ebay going.
  6. Ok, I will probably buy unraid plus (for future upgradability), as it seems easier to use and it supports upgrading / adding drives (espescialy of different sizes). Any tips for that?
  7. You don't need to mount the SSD in any way whatsoever. You can just plug it in and leave it hanging on the cable, as SSD's don't have any moving parts in them, so you don't need to put them in an enclosure like a HDD (which mainly protects the HDD from vibrations).
  8. I would get at least 8 TB of storage, but as it isnt possible to do a sensible raid solution with less then 4 drives (and I dont want to buy 4x2TB, as that makes upgrading later difficult), I will probably buy 4x3TB or 4x4TB. I will only use it for storage, photos and videos. I dont know what performance "means" in the context of NAS. What difference does higher performance in form of better CPU or more RAM make?
  9. Would you recommend to do this? https://www.howtogeek.com/190835/how-to-turn-an-old-pc-into-a-home-file-server/ I have an old Lenovo office PC with a gen 4 core i5. What are the upsides and downsides? Thanks for the replies.
  10. thanks for all the replies. Btw, why don't they just make the HDMI ports 2-way? Would it be difficult for the manufacturer or do they just not care?
  11. I intend to buy a NAS for (family) photos and videos. I am pretty unsure about what to get, as there are many different models with slight differences like 1GB ram instead of 2 gb that have like 50.- difference. For slot number I think it doesn't make any sense to buy a 2 slot one, as you basically can't use raid (except 0 and 1, which both don't really make sense), so I think I will go with a 4 Slot one with 4x4TB. Also does CPU make a difference? Which NAS should I get? (As I live in switzerland these are the best stores to buy in, if you want to