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  1. How invested are you into the gpu? An XFX will run those games and it is 4gb for 40 bucks. Other than that, you would have to probably disassemble the gpu and figure out if there is a short or if there is a thermal issue. As you said, there isnt, but I would replace anything I could while I am down there/
  2. If you jump on LTT discord chat, we can help you i dont get why you are using a radiator for a micro board but its your grease. One thing I have always done while building is follow steps as good as I can and if something doesnt go right, troubleshoot it for a good while to see what I can do to fix it. It wont be proper but itll work. In these boxes, you will always have some extra parts.You might need to take off the standoffs that came with the board because it looks like it wants you to connect to the backplate from the piece. It doesnt seem like you did
  3. I cant figure it out without deciding a new logic/motherboard fix. Its not. abig deal because I go this one way cheaper than one should. The amount I pay for a logic/motherboard replace, it;l be about the price of. aused 13 inch. At least its a good way to increase my knowledge. I cant build pcs, time for macs and next maybe doing something more technical.
  4. I got a macbook air and there is an issue. If I keep my battery charged up or plugged in, everything works fine but if the battery reaches 0% then it dies and I need to take the battery out and reinsert it to work. Is it a motherboard issue do you think or what should I do?
  5. Bad news. Computer went full pink and crashed with no error code. Check event viewer and doesn't give any solid answers. Im thinking it has to be the GFX card. I had the computer running for 24 hours straight and its a single fan gpu. I am thinking of buying the Fatboy 590 XFX. I think it will fit in a b450 max. EDIT: Reinstalling windows to ensure no drivers are out of date or not there.
  6. Is the game still alive and thriving?
  7. Yeah I used to be a call of duty pro and I would never have people running under my connection for no reason whatsoever. I am not trying to be rude but any bandwidth is bandwidth in itself. Netflix and Hulu take up way more connection than a gaming connection. Even with a strong internet and the best equipment, a youtube video will create a high ping at times. I would say if you want to game with clear quality, please only use one connection to one computer. Anything more is issues.
  8. Got the BSOD twice this morning. Finally got an error code that showed it stemmed from my freaking Wireless PCIe adapter...…….WHAT! I did buy it for $15 off ebay and the error code was an intel pcie with tplink port headers. This was just so weird. How in the blue mother of god could that have been an issue. I took it out and replaced my router next to my PC through ethernet. Hope it helps.
  9. After doing that, computer restarted again while I was just browsing target for fans. EDIT: There is no error codes. The screen goes black and restarts fine within seconds. Should I replace the GPU or PSU next for an attempt? Should I buy new ram without RGB because its causing a power short in the PSU? The PSU is 600W from EVGA and I did buy it used and have had it a month.
  10. No error code, just blue screened and then restarted. It didn't blue screen today but did restart randomly on its own 3 times today. I have kept it constant running. I am wondering if my RGB ram is overheating. I reapplied the thermal paste with corsair TM30 and I switched the ram that was in slot 2 to 4 and 4 to 2. I hope its not a faulty board.
  11. They are in 2 and 4 slots. XMP should be auto enabled when game mode is on.
  12. Internet has dropped only once since then but its been overall better. I had to switch slots thanks to your notes.
  13. I just received a blue screen of death after a single day of usage on my new computer. All parts are brand new. Problems: When I ran cinebench twice yesterday, my computer crashed within 10 seconds. I since then deleted cinebench. Both tests were ran when overclocked from 3.6ghz to 4.2. Today I was just playing a low tier game while watching Netflix. The computer randomly hit the blue screen. I took off overclock after the blue screen. Do you guy believe the overclock caused the blue screen or would it be an issue with RAM/CPU Pressure/CPU Thermal paste?
  14. I switched the slots from the farthest one to the closest one to the CPU. It is not touching but close to the Graphic card. The graphics card should give it some extra cooling from the fan. Testing it tonight to see if anything drops.
  15. Its plugged into the far left. I was scared it would bump into the GPU or be too close so I wouldn't be able to close the top of my case. Is the farthest small PCIE slot the slowest one for wifi?