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Everything posted by WaldorfMan

  1. Futurama was better than the Simpsons. Change my mind. (LOVE the Simpsons btw, so saying the above does not come easy).
  2. Not a bad run for a n00b (right?) 9.5 mil for LTT, although I started folding a couple of days before the formal event start. Time to let the hardware cool down. I'll keep folding after this, just not as heavy. Had a great time folks - loved the interaction on the boards!
  3. I might... MIGHT hit 10 mil today, but I don't think I'll make it by event end.
  4. Just a reminder folks (as in, this thread should in no way in any stretch of the imagination become a battleground):
  5. Microsoft has released a PowerShell script that allows you to quickly start donating your CPU cycles to the Folding@Home project by deploying the program in the Windows 10 Sandbox. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-script-installs-folding-home-in-windows-10s-sandbox/
  6. I'm taking my 2009-ish Dell Latitude with a Celeron out of the loop today. Usually takes 14-20 hours for one WU. Simply not worth the effort. However, haven't had any hiccups with it at all this whole time.
  7. \o/ Gotta say, hitting 800th out of 8144 ain't too shabby considering the plethora of hardware I'm up against. Granted, with two days left (right?) I prolly won't make it past 700th. Still a good run in my mind.
  8. What is the advantage / disadvantage of tweaking next-unit-percentage? Lower % = percentage completion of the current WU when the client attempts to start downloading a new WU, but with an impact to points because of time. Higher % = starts downloading a new WU closer to the current WU's completion, with the risk being you may not have a fresh WU to work on when the current one completes. Are the above two statements a correct summation?
  9. Sooooooooo - how do we go about grabbing jobs from this server explicitly? And AWESOME job on the video guys! Loved it.
  10. Even though my stats have a half a mil point difference between EOC and F@H Servers, I'll still take every milestone I can get! \o/
  11. Today sucked shiny metal ass. Especially compared to yesterday. I know lots of other folks saw the same type of results - but still, wtf? <sob> Goose eggs for most of the day.