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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450A-PRO
  • RAM
    ADATA XPG GAMMIX D30 3000 MHz 2x8 GB
  • GPU
    Zotac Gaming Geforce GTX 1660
  • Case
    NZXT Source 530
  • Storage
    1TB Seagate
    250GB Western Digital SN550
  • PSU
    Enermax Revolution DF 650W
  • Display(s)
    LG 24MP68VQ-P
  • Cooling
    Deepcool Gammax GTE
  • Keyboard
    Rexus MX5.1 Brown
  • Mouse
    A7Tech X7
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    Lenovo Ideapad 710S
  • Phone
    Samsung Galaxy S8

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  1. Worth it. It's the same internally so it's not worth it just for the bigger fan and 2 years extra warranty (for the 750W). With the 850W you get better internals, but you will (maybe) get some issues with the 3080. My pick would be the Corsair HX-750.
  2. @--SID--Maybe you can send it to Aris and see if he can review it ?
  3. To be frank I might have mixed it up. I meant backwards compatible is whether or not a 12VO PSU can supply a "regular" board (which is unrealistic), and forwards compatible the other way around (12VO board running with a normal PSU). I meant to say if you are buying 12VO boards in the future, you won't be using it with a normal power supply as you're missing the 12V standby rail. I am aware of the existence of those adapters, but I'm thinking about the standby rails which might be missing (or am I just confused? could be very possible). I also thought of having standby buck convert
  4. Is there anyway you can make 12VO backwards compatible (or forwards compatible, for that matter)? Backwards compatibility might not be realistic but forward compatible is, except for the standby rail. Maybe they should keep the standby at 5V before transitioning fully into 12V only?
  5. CV. The HV Pro is 230V only and the internal shots show that some parts of it are pretty weak (such as the weak DC-DC converter, questionable caps, etc). Though, if you have a budget system like that the FSP would very likely be fine.
  6. I don't recommend some of that. CM Elite and EVGA W1 for example - are very bad chocies.
  7. There are at least two "Deepcool DA 600" out there: https://www.deepcool.com/product/powersupply/2014-11/10_1444.shtml https://www.deepcool.com/product/powersupply/2016-06/10_5497.shtml One is group regulated which sucks, and the other is DC-DC which is better. But one thing in common is that there is no detailed information/review on any of these, so we don't know whether or not these are problem free. Since you probably can't find out which one it really is and there's virtually no details on these PSUs, I'd rather steer clear of it.
  8. Actually not really. The difference is not that big, definitely less than 5 percentage point. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/seasonic-prime-ultra-titanium-1000w-psu,5510-5.html https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/seasonic-prime-ultra-platinum-1000w-psu,5397-5.html
  9. http://jongerow.com/CX/index.html If you are talking about the CX (non modular) the gray is the better, newer unit with modern LLC topology. If you are talking about the semi modular one (CX-M) then we're talking about similar PSUs, only with different/upgraeded MOSFETs and caps. Heck, even some "green", newer, batches have the same upgrades.
  10. I believe the 1000W is not having such issues, as indicated by @jonnyGURU here. It's the lower wattages that has. Also, welcome to LTT, Aris! EDIT: Wow, we have telepathic synchronization @Juular...
  11. Well wouldn't that be happening for a few seconds or at least a few tens of seconds? This guy has it on for a long time.
  12. I don't know why would anyone avoid a PSU because it's old... I mean it's still in production and its performance can rival modern PSUs so I wouldn't worry too much about it being old. As for the tests it's on THW's 560W and 860W. To obtain every "voltage regulation" numbers we input the data manually from very low load test, low load tests, to the 10%-100% tests and the CL tests, while Aris only use 10%-100% for his "voltage regulation" numbers.
  13. It was changed from gold to blue because its voltage regulation performance is above 1.5% on the 12V rail, the 560 and the 860 version to be exact. But it's very close to 1.5%, like 1.54% or something like that. A good alternative would be Corsair HX and BQ! Straight Power 11 platinum.
  14. It's a PSU unveiled back on Computex 2018, I have no idea where it went. I wonder why?