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  1. yes, i have made sure everything is correct. dont bother even asking if i did all the common troubleshooting cause i gurantee you i did. i am feeling that the power switch pins are faulty somehow, im gonna go the store tomorrow and pickup a voltmeter. gosh i hate asus.
  2. but how could the motherboard be faulty if it's RGB lights are on. do you think that power switch pins are seperately faulty? will i need a voltmeter? geez this is a pain in the butt
  3. okay so, i applied a metal conductor between the two nodes and nothing happened at all during my bench test. what does this mean?
  4. wait so how do i turn on the pc if it is not connected to pc case power button?
  5. ahhh ic, ill make sure to do that, is there anything else i should know when doing this or tips?
  6. no there was no beep at all during all the times i booted the pc, and I already did the ram thing, i tired all the combinations and slots, and nothing happened... still
  7. what are thumbscrews? and for a fact, the screws i used for PSU were the ones that came with PSU.
  8. i already did that, i tried booting up with each alone, switched up their slots too...
  9. so are you talking about testing the components that came with the pc case? and wdy mean by a bench test? sorry, this is my first time building a pc...
  10. So I reseated the GPU and RAM, but not the CPU yet. But like, wont my fans run at the very atleast when I press the power button? Or does the CPU affect this?
  11. I have already tried that and still nothing
  12. Yes I have tried doing that with a philips screw while the pc on.
  13. Yes sir. I 100% made sure they are in the right spot and connected correctly.
  14. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their days. So I just built a new PC and this is my very first build. I was following a guy on you tube however I picked some different parts. Everything was nice and ready, so I decided to power it, however, the only thing that happened when I turned the I/O on the power supply was the RGBs came on from the motherboard. I then clicked the power button on the case and nothing happened AT ALL. Here are my parts: EVGA GTX GeForce 1080, AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, ASUS Prime 470X Pro MB, EVGA 600w GD PSU. Here is the link to the video I