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  1. This one actually looks perfekt! The off to the side angle cable. Do you know what the other cable is for thoug? Is it a power cable? I found another one that doesn't have a power cable, and only uses USB. But yeah I'm a bit scared it might be introducing extra latency. Does anyone else know if the USB cable would be a bottleneck for a pcie WiFi card?
  2. Yes i looked at something similar on the german amazon, im just not sure about how flexible the cable is, as it would need to bend right above the blue part., if there was some combination of the angle riser card and this extender cord, it would be perfect. what are u guys seaching on to find the extenders? so i maybe could widen my own search also :) and ty for the reply i am happy ur willing to sacrifice some of your time, to help a clueless stanger out :))
  3. Thanks for the answer, this might be a solution that i would have to take if i dont find anything better. i think it would be hard thoug as it would require some custom cuts on my case, since this would make the wificard sit in the opposite direction of the pcie cutout. but thank you i apreciate the time you took looking for this and send it to me. this is property a way i could make it work, thoug im hoping to find a more elegant solution.
  4. i wasnt carefull enough when i ordered my new graphics card, and it block all my other available PCI-e slots the card is a 2.7 slot gpu, so it takes up 2 slots, and the fan using a little more than half the space of the third slot. does any of you know of a pci-e extender that can fit under a gpu fan? i will be using it for a wifi card, i hope i can find a solution, my other options is to just get a x16 pcie extender, or removing one of my nvme drives from my system. neither is preferable, as i don't really see any other place for the gpu in my case where it would actu