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    SpicyMustard reacted to Eigenvektor in Benchmark Tool Discrepancy   
    As you can see on your CrystalDiskMark (CDM) screenshot, testing with different file sizes gives different speeds. Unless Userbenchmark (UBM) uses the exact same methodology for theirs tests, you can't really compare performance results between them.
    For example the first test in CDM uses a sequential read of 1 megabyte, with a queue depth of 8 on one thread. I can't even tell you what UBM does, because they don't show more info other than "4K read".
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    SpicyMustard got a reaction from Steinburger in Benchmark Tool Discrepancy   
    UserBenchmark has lost its repute after a scandal involving misweighing performance between AMD and Intel chips. That, on top of very little information about the people behind UserBenchmark, most people no longer rely on it for any performance metrics (similar problems exist for PassMark too afaik)
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    SpicyMustard reacted to minibois in What song are you listening to right now.   
    I like how active their comment section has become, because.. some reason :^)
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    SpicyMustard got a reaction from minibois in What song are you listening to right now.   
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Volbet in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I got a pretty decent deal on this:

    At this rate my new PC will be assembled in 2028.
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Beef Boss in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Finally put one of these stickers I bought from hellosenpai on. Quality is real nice.

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    SpicyMustard reacted to Eigenvektor in No collection server for WU   
    That's why there's a timeout. If you don't "complete" the WU (from their point of view), someone else will get the WU assigned at some point and it is completed by someone else.
    Have you looked at the logs? That should give you a better idea of what is going on (if it really failed to upload), maybe it's just the UI that's derped.
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Spotty in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    It works in Linux and MacOS
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Metallus97 in [TUTORIAL] AMD GPU Linux Folding at Home | Arch, Manjaro | Sometimes more perf than Windows!!   
    but we’re not allowed to drink together
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Metallus97 in [TUTORIAL] AMD GPU Linux Folding at Home | Arch, Manjaro | Sometimes more perf than Windows!!   
    This is the first version and I am going to continue to improve it. Suggestions? Write em below!
    First thanks to @Chunchunmaru_ for contributing to this guide (see his post below)!
    So with a bit too much time on my hands lately... I decided to finally try to fix the old Linux folding with an AMD GPU issue!
    I ripped my hair out trying to get it to work on Debian. It seems that there only is a official driver form AMD that works on Ubuntu 18.04.1. If you have something else Debian based or even a newer version of Ubuntu (heck even 18.04 but updates to the newest kernel) you will have to mod some kernel stuff, mod the drivers, use custom scripts, downgrade the kernel etc. etc. -> PITA...
    Nothing of this works for me and due to running a x570 and a 3900x I dont want to use old kernels. A for security and B for performance reasons (proper Zen2 support was added to a later kernel than what is “supported” for the official driver download. The same is true for other modern processors and platforms from team reed and blue).
    BUT: If we use a rolling distro like almost everything Arch Linux Based we can do it pretty easily!
    Arch: https://www.archlinux.de
    This tutorial will be for Manjaro: https://manjaro.org
    Verry easy to use OS! You can download it with either XFCE, Gnome or Plasma.
    Personally I like Gnome but thats up to you. This is just different desktop designs and window-managers. XFCE however is recommend for old systems due to being very lightweight. The underlying subsystem is the same deal.
    From here on I will assume that you already have Manjaro running and connected toi the iWeb. If that is not the case there are manny tutorials out there on how to do it.
    1. First we have to update everything
    sudo pacman -Syu If asked answer with y = yes. Let it do its thing... and then
    reboot 2. Once back at the Desktop:
    sudo lshw -c video This will show you your installed GPUS. on the bottom of the output there will be: configuration: driver=
    Now there can be two things:
    =Radeon -> Thats the wrong (old) driver, we need to switch that. Continue with next step.
    =amdgpu -> Nice! Correct driver, we can continue with step 5.
    3. Now we will change the driver to be the amdgpu one. That is the one with wich F@H is able access OpenCL. OpenCL is used to do processing on the GPU and that’s what OpenMM is running on. OpenMM is sort of the engine that the FAH cores run on. 
    This involves a few steps but just follow through. Its not complicated:
    3.2 We have to check if the amdgpu drivers are enabled in the kernel 
    cat /proc/config.gz | gunzip > running.config cat running.config | grep CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_SI cat running.config | grep CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_CIK Do you get a xxx=y for the second and third command? -> NICE. The kernel is configured correctly
    If not:
    This is not needed for new gen AMD GPU's! Only for HD7xxx or RX2xx series cards! Newer cards users go to step 5, since they should already have amdgpu drivers!
    3.3 Now we need to edit the grub config. That is the bootloader. It has to know that we want it to from now on boot with the amdgpu drivers!
    sudo nano /etc/default/grub There should be a line with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="...SomeOptions..."
    Depending on your card you have to add:
    Southern Islands (SI): radeon.si_support=0 amdgpu.si_support=1 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_HD_7000_series)
    Sea Islands (CIK): radeon.cik_support=0 amdgpu.cik_support=1 (as you correctly wrote, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_Rx_200_series)
    Inside the "" and along with whats already there. This will force the system to start with the amdgpu drivers.
    Exit nano with ctrl+X, and save the file. DO NOT change the name or anything else!
    3.4 Now we need to remake grub for it to read in the new instructions:
    sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg This can produce warnings, however most of them can be ignored. Especcialy ones about unknown devices.
    reboot Sometimes the first boot will fail. Wait a minute, force power of, reboot.
    4. Once back at the desktop check if you are now using amdgpu drivers instead of radeon
    sudo lshw -c video -> Now everyone on amdgpu? NICEEEH
    5. Launch software cenenter, go to settings and enable support for AUR and Snap. Simply google if you dont know how to do that .
    6. Search for “opencl-amd” and install it via the software center 
    7. reboot just to be save
    8. Search for "foldingathome" from AUR and install it. There are other AUR packages for it but that one is up to date and works the best IMHO.
    9. Follow this to set it up: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Folding@home
    10. Want the advanced control? OK: Install "fahcontrol"
    11. Want to monitor your GPU usage? OK: Install "radeontop"
    To monitor the GPU go to a terminal:
    sudo radeontop CAUTION: To exit radeontop ALLLLLLWAYS press ctrl+C and DO NOT close the terminal window with radeontop still running. There is a bug so that if you do this one of your threads will be 100% all the time and you will have to manually kill radeontop. Leaving the thread on 100% can tank your PPD.
    12. F@H should now be running as on any other Linux BUT be able to fully use the AMD GPU!
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Metallus97 in BAD_WORK_UNIT on fresh PopOS! install w/ OpenCL Drivers   
    GUIIIIIZ I GOT IT! Manjaro + amdgpu drivers!
    Will write more when I have time later today!
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Monkey Dust in Quotes that you love   
    The Beastie Boys fought, and possibly died, for my right to party. Mark from Peepshow.
    Oh cock, - James May
    Work is the curse of the drinking classes - unknown
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Metallus97 in BAD_WORK_UNIT on fresh PopOS! install w/ OpenCL Drivers   
    Wellll then... how to downgrade a kernel ?
    I am tempted to just hold tight untill 20.04 and install the AMD driver then and see how that goes 
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Windows7ge in BAD_WORK_UNIT on fresh PopOS! install w/ OpenCL Drivers   
    I personally never got the ROCm drivers working. BOINC wasn't having it.
    I got the AMD drivers w/ OpenCL working on both Ubuntu 18.04.3 & 19.04 for BOINC:

    It was a PITA though. I believe it should be possible from PopOS but I wouldn't gamble on installing any AMD drivers unless you're sure you don't have anything to lose on your install but through my testing of installing drivers I have bricked my install multiple times.
    If this isn't a daily driver of yours where you want PopOS I can tell you 18.04.3 will work with the current 18.04.3 AMD driver if you downgrade the kernel to 4.15.0-88-generic as the latest kernel is incompatible with the driver currently.
    I'm going to work on testing ROCm once more in something like Ubuntu Server in a VM with GPU pass-through. See where it takes me.
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    SpicyMustard reacted to Metallus97 in BAD_WORK_UNIT on fresh PopOS! install w/ OpenCL Drivers   
    So I basically have the same problem on Ubuntu 19.10 or everything else Debian. There are reports of it working for Ubuntu 18.04.1 but I never did get it to work. Not the AMD stuff and also not ROCm. Well ROCm installed ok but the OpenCL implementation in the official and AMD drivers is kind of broken...
    AMD does only do releases for Ubuntu LTS versions. Therefore I hope that 20.04 support is coming soon. Then Ill give it a new try.
    Some further reading:
    Maybe @Windows7ge can help here. He did give some nice tips in the mentioned thread. Helped me but didn't fix the problem. Drivers installed but OpenCL is still broken, leading to the exact same errors you got there. OpenMM wont ruin without OpenCl
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    SpicyMustard reacted to GOTSpectrum in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Folders: Release the WUs

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    SpicyMustard reacted to Victor Golf in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Well, I have another GPU to fold on now.
    Also, I must be blessed or something. I have not had any problems really on any of my machines getting work units since I started folding again on Sunday.

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    SpicyMustard reacted to Energycore in [MOTF] Movie Recommendations on the Forum   
    I needed a coverup story while we figured out whether it's legal to have intercourse with powerful incorporeal beings
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    SpicyMustard reacted to PlayStation 2 in Quotes that you love   
    I'm not a robot, I'm... British!
    - Archibald Asparagus, VeggieTales: Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed (1999)