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  1. UserBenchmark has lost its repute after a scandal involving misweighing performance between AMD and Intel chips. That, on top of very little information about the people behind UserBenchmark, most people no longer rely on it for any performance metrics (similar problems exist for PassMark too afaik)
  2. Ryzen 1800X (seemed to have shit luck on the silicon lottery because i can't OC it over 3.8GHz) I believed the same thing but I had a Noctua Air Cooler that looked something like this (I forgot the name and I don't have the box anymore so bear with me). At 3.6GHz, it would reach 100-110C on full load (Prime95, 16 threads, mixed). Now, I got 3.8GHz and it reaches 82-85C on full load (same stress test as before). Maybe the theory that it was improperly installed seems to have some merit so I haven't thrown it away but honestly, I might reuse the Noctua for another build and (hopefully) i
  3. Tight Budget and didn't have many options. The next offering was for $150. Seems like it. If it's under 80C, I'm a happy clam! Surprised my chip isn't dead yet tbh
  4. Just bought a Corsair H45 120MM Liquid Cooler and unlike the photos shown at my local store, this one does come with preapplied thermal paste. Unfortunately, I also ordered some Arctic MX-4. As much as I love spending as little money as possible, I also want my system to be as cool as possible (currently it's 50C idle, 110C full load at an ambient of 30C. Should I use the preapplied thermal paste and cancel my order for the MX-4 or should I get the MX-4, remove the preapplied pads and then use that directly on the copper. (Also, should I mount it on the front or on the back, top is
  5. Hackintosh means booting the thing is sort of uncertain, sometimes it takes three or four reboot attempts before it boots properly (mostly it just gets stuck doing nothing), so it's 24x7. Also, I'm too lazy to actually turn the thing off
  6. The only people who might get a good thing out of COVID-19 is probably the PR guys at Corona, never heard of them until this human malware decided to keep me at home The economy
  7. I see that the cube structure sprouts out wtih some complex protein, but the actual cube itself doesn't have as much molecular variation, I was concerned whether I was generating malformed data because of the lack of variation in shape (I know, this kind of sounds stupid but judging by other posts, it may not be malformed data, but instead how it just looks) Either ways, I like pretty shapes
  8. But why is it a cube? Almost five GPU WUs look like cubes while the CPU WUs look like actual proteins.
  9. Folding works, it finally works! Really excited to help! (Work Units, I wait for you to arrive to me )
  10. Debug log? That'll show you what's exactly going on. If it's a work unit problem (no allocation), then it's just a matter of waiting, if it is anything else, it's a configuration problem. Sometimes running FAHClient with sudo helps (not sure about Linux Mint or NVIDIA in particular)